May 11, 2020
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Brown manicure: stylish ideas and a combination of shades


  1. Current brown combinations
  2. Brown manicure with white
  3. Brown manicure with black
  4. Brown manicure with gold
  5. Brown manicure with bright shades

Many girls perceive brown manicure as something boring and banal. They use brown gel polish only to highlight individual details of nail art, but not as the main shade. In this review, we will try to change your opinion about brown color and show that it can look stylish and attractive on the nails.

Brown is a mixture of green and red with the addition of orange, gray, blue, yellow, purple pigments. Brown is considered non-spectral and is not included in the main color palette. Due to the presence of a particular pigment, a variety of shades of brown are obtained: copper, ocher, brown, chocolate, sepia, brick and others. All these shades look great on short and long nails, combined with tones such as black, white, beige, gray and others.

Fashionable brown manicure: combination with basic shades

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