Nov 25, 2022
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Broken millionaire hopes to pay off huge debts by selling sausages on the street

former millionaire sells sausagesNot so long ago, Tang Jian was considered one of the most successful businessmen in Zhejiang Province (China).

former millionaire sells sausages

The millionaire owned a chain of restaurants and could not complain about life. But in 2005, Tan decided to invest in an entirely new industry: landscaping. He was sure that this business would surpass his restaurant empire and did not want to listen to any advice. The new project turned out to be unsuccessful and, in fact, bled money, but Tang invested more and more new investments in it. It ended up that the millionaire not only went bankrupt, but also accumulated debts in the amount of about 6.4 million dollars. Here, a 52-year-old man would fall into complete despair, but he decided to return to his roots and start cooking and selling food again. Of course, Tan did not find the money to open a restaurant, but he began to sell grilled sausages in a street kiosk. Surprisingly, the former millionaire really believes that over time he will pay off his debts and get back on his feet.

former millionaire sells sausages

In an interview given by a sausage vendor to the local media, he argues that there is no need to be afraid to start something from scratch, because we are all born with nothing. Tan’s example has been truly inspiring, as it shows that it is possible to remain resilient in the face of adversity. Many people believe that if a bankrupt rich man with $6.4 million in debt can have a positive attitude in life, then they will be able to do the same.

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