Jan 6, 2022
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Broken arms, broken heads and other consequences of riding “cheesecakes”

“It looks like bumper fractures.”

According to Dmitry Myamlin, unlike sledges, ice-boxes, as well as cardboard boxes from Soviet childhood, “cheesecakes” are absolutely uncontrollable and do not provide room for maneuver. If on a sled there is an opportunity to “steer” with your feet or simply roll onto your side, then an inflatable ring does not provide an opportunity to control the situation.

Moreover, when trying to slow down, the “cheesecake” turns the person backwards, and in the event of a collision with any obstacle, a craniocerebral injury is practically guaranteed. Taking into account the fact that the tubing instantly develops a speed of up to 60 km. per hour, the risk of serious injury is greatly increased.

“When I first saw a patient who was injured while riding a cheesecake, I thought at first that these were injuries after an accident. Injuries from falls or sled collisions are very common and easier to treat. Here, the injuries are very similar to bumper fractures of large bones, such injuries appear as a result of a strong side impact. Such fractures are very difficult to heal, most often an operation is needed, ”said Dmitry Myamlin.

How to protect yourself from injuries while riding a “cheesecake”?

Dmitry Myamlin recommends to all lovers of downhill skiing to choose sledges, ice-skates or snow-scooters – in short, any devices that provide an opportunity for maneuvers and control. You can also throw away false shame and use a piece of cardboard or a piece of linoleum and show your child how you got off as a kid. Another question is that this is not possible on any slide.

If you do choose tubing, strictly follow these rules. All of these will save your life and the life of your child:

  • Do not let children go for a drive alone, especially small ones. Children under 6 are better off skating at all;
  • Put on the safety helmet yourself and explain to your children why this is so important;
  • Choose slides for riding on gentle slopes (no more than 20 degrees) with special bumpers;
  • Never ride on tracks that are not equipped with bumpers or dumps on the sides, where there are any obstacles: trees, steps;
  • Do not inflate the “cheesecake” above the recommended pressure, this will significantly increase acceleration and top speed;
  • Do not sit on tubing together, especially with a baby in your arms;
  • You need to sit on the cheesecake like on a chair: leaning back and bending your knees. Hold on to the handles tightly. Do not take a running jump on the tubing!
  • Never strap the tubing to a car or snowmobile – you can easily find yourself under the wheels during hard braking.

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