Apr 28, 2021
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Britney Spears’ parents fight for their daughter’s pennies

The parents of pop star Britney Spears continue to share their daughter’s pennies. The artist’s father said that the ex-wife used the pain and trauma of their child for individual benefit.

Britney Spears' parents fight for their daughter's pennies

For the past 13 years, Jamie Spears has been controlling the finances of the famous daughter. However Britney fights desperately for his freedom and requires the court to release her from the custody of her parent, under which she will be after a feverish breakdown. The lawsuits require large weapons, in connection with which Jamie Spears said that all the costs of lawyers were covered from the capital of his daughter.

Moreover, he tried to exact from Britney compensation for defenders in the amount of 890 thousand dollars. However, the mother of the singer Lynn Spears decided to intervene.

She filed a nasty lawsuit against the ex-spouse. However, Jamie Spears was angered by the deeds of his ex-wife. Britney’s parents unleashed the struggle for her finances, which resulted in a public field.

So much so, Jamie Spears told reporters that his ex-spouse “used her daughter’s pain and trauma for personal gain.” As an example, he cast in a memoir, written by Lynn entitled “Through the Storm: The Real Story of Fame and Family in the World of the Tabloids.” The book came out after Britney’s feverish breakdown.

Respirators outlive the pop star and follow her social media closely. In the rest of the time, fans increasingly believe that under the care of her parent Britney Spears is suffering in captivity.

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