Jul 12, 2020
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Britney Spears: it makes me happy

38-year-old actress spoke on the topic of negative comments that users leave the Network regularly to her pictures and videos.

Note, subscribers often discuss "strange" Spears pictures and videos in which the singer demonstrates the outfits or the dancing. In the comments fans even suggest that the singer continues to suffer from mental disorders, in particular behaves "like a child", imitating a child's voice, and advised her again to ask for help to the psychiatrist.

The new publication, the artist addressed the haters, saying that communication in Instagram makes her happy:

"I see that some people don't like my posts and that some do not understand them, but it is just happy I am... This is who I am, as real as possible! I want to inspire people to do the same and be themselves, not trying to please others... Because this is the key to a happy life," she wrote.

Before Spears spoke to fans in the Network, telling that her favorite resort — Turks and Caicos Islands, favorite food — chili-dog and a favorite song from his own discography — hit Toxic.

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