Sep 16, 2022
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Britney Spears hits topless again

This time, Britney Spears chose not a beach or a yacht for her photo shoot.

Now Britney decided to pose by the pool and I want to believe that this is not some kind of public water park, but a closed private area.

Britney Spears hits topless again

The last such “performance” by Spears took place a week ago. Then it was a very incendiary video, filmed with her husband Sam Asgari, who, as it seems, supports his crazy wife in everything and is even ready to try on her bathing accessories.

True, there is an opinion that for Sam, marriage to Britney is such a job for which he receives money. I remember that on the eve of the wedding they talked a lot about the fact that for every year he lived with her in marriage, he would have to receive $ 5,000,000. Well, even bigger bonuses are expected for the past five years. So, it’s better to put on her swimsuits, indulge in everything and make good money at the same time.

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