May 2, 2021
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Britney Spears’ father says his daughter needs permanent custody due to dementia

The father of pop diva Britney Spears, James Spears, in court documents indicated that his daughter was diagnosed with dementia, so she cannot independently control her life.

For over 12 years, James Pearce has been the guardian of his famous daughter and makes key decisions about her life, as well as completely controls finances. The singer’s career was undermined by a divorce from dancer Kevin Federline in 2007. She was treated several times in psychiatric clinics and rehabilitation centers, but due to a precarious emotional state, the court appointed her a guardian.

Over time, Britney came to her senses, released three albums and even went on a world tour. Last year, the singer went to court to revoke her father’s guardian status and appoint her manager, Jodie Montgomery, to this role. However, the star’s father managed to prove that his daughter needs constant care from a loved one.

According to The Sun, James Spears pointed out in documents that the 39-year-old artist has been suffering from a cognitive disorder – dementia for many years. When the star was diagnosed with this is unknown. However, this news caused a stormy response from fans of the artist, who even launched the Freedom Britney movement on the Web.

“There are two options. Or Britney may have dementia. Or another option, which is much worse. She does not have dementia, but the caregiver team assumes that she does, so they insist on complete control over the singer’s life and assets. And this is terrible, “- says the author of the film” Battle for Britney “, British journalist Mobin Azhar.

Britney Spears’ parents continue to desperately divide their star daughter’s money. Not so long ago, the singer’s father said that his ex-wife used the pain and trauma of their child for personal gain.

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