Jan 28, 2021
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“British” strain of coronavirus identified in 33 European countries

The “British” strain of coronavirus was found in 33 European countries out of 43, and the “South African” variant – in 16, said the head of the WHO Regional Office for Europe Hans Kluge on January 28 at a briefing broadcast on Facebook.

“On the one hand, vaccines are encouraging. On the other hand, new and worrying options pose a lot of uncertainty and risk, ”he said.

At the same time, he noted the beneficial effect of lockdowns on the spread of coronavirus. Tough restrictive measures have led to a drop in new cases in 30 countries, Klugge said.

Kluge called for patience and vigilance “in the face of new, more rapidly transmitted variants of the virus.” He recommends dispensing with the abrupt lifting of restrictions when temporarily improving the epidemiological situation, and using a phased approach.

Earlier it was reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the “British” strain of coronavirus more deadly. According to him, when infected with a new strain, about 13-14 people die out of a thousand infected.

The WHO, in turn, noted that the increased mortality rate from the “British” strain of coronavirus may be associated with an overload of the country’s healthcare system.

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