Oct 15, 2021
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British royal court indicated Russia as return address on letter to Crimea


British royal court indicated Russia as return address on letter to Crimea
Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea

An educational institution in Crimea has sent a letter to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. The authors of the message were members of the creative association “Entertaining English”. The royal court sent a letter marked “Russia”.

“It was a pleasant surprise for the students and the teacher to receive the long-awaited answer after three months,” the educational institution shared on Instagram.

The maid of honor of Queen Philippe de Pass wrote a letter to the Crimeans. The courtier noted that Elizabeth II was delighted with the interest of Sevastopol children in the English language and supported the teachers. In the letter, Crimean schoolchildren found brochures with information about the Queen of Great Britain and her family.

The message could backfire on Elizabeth II. In Ukraine, the nationalist site Myrotvorets adds to the so-called black list those who recognize Crimea as part of Russia. & nbsp / & nbsp Miles Cullen / Public Domain

The Minor Academy of Sciences intends to continue the correspondence with the British monarchs. The schoolchildren are planning to send a letter to Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton.

Great Britain wrote “Russia” in response to young Crimeans, but Ukraine still refuses to recognize the territorial status of the peninsula. Crimea was reunited with the Russian Federation following the 2014 referendum. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the issue of ownership of the peninsula completely closed.

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