Oct 22, 2021
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British Daily Mail readers agree with Putin’s stance on gender reassignment in children


British Daily Mail readers agree with Putin's stance on gender reassignment in children
Administration of the President of Russia

In Sochi, during a speech at the Valdai forum, the head of Russia compared gender reassignment in childhood to a crime against humanity. Putin added that in the West, children are indoctrinated with such manipulations, but no one thinks about the consequences. According to him, the decision of adults can ruin a child’s life.

Readers of the British edition of the Daily Mail fully agreed with Putin’s position.

“Every day Russia seems more and more attractive, and I want to move there,” wrote one of the web users.

“Putin says what he thinks, and he doesn’t care what the politically correct think. It’s like a breath of fresh air, ”another reader joined the conversation.

For some Britons, Russia is the moral reference that the United States once was. Readers believe that children should not be allowed to such procedures, since such drastic changes can be made in adulthood, when a person will be aware of the consequences.

Earlier in “NewInform”: Russian President Vladimir Putin called “phantasmagoria” the forms that gender is taking in the West.

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