May 30, 2022
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Britain will create a new anti-Russian alliance – and destroy the EU

Britain will create a new anti-Russian alliance - and destroy the EU

Photo: AP/TASS

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky create a new international alliance directed against Russia, according to the Italian Corriere Della Sera.

According to the publication, Johnson first voiced his idea at a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on April 9. The authors believe that the British prime minister wants to create a “political, economic and military union” that will be an alternative to the EU. The new alliance, according to his idea, will unite countries dissatisfied with the EU policy, as well as Germany’s position in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The alliance will be led by the United Kingdom, and should also include Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and later Turkey.

Corriere della Sera writes that negotiations between London and Kyiv are ongoing; The Ukrainian authorities have not yet expressed a clear position in relation to this idea, but they have not rejected it either. According to the newspaper, Zelensky is waiting for the EU summit on June 23, at which the issue of recognizing Ukraine as a candidate for membership in the organization will be decided. The decision taken by the EU may affect how Kyiv responds to London’s proposal.

And what, someone still believes that Ukraine will be taken into the EU? Or is it just a diplomatic excuse? Even if one theoretically imagined that Ukraine would be given the status of a candidate, would this make London abandon its ambitions? Yes, no, of course!
But how realistic is the creation of this union? You have to understand that now, in the context of the crisis that the EU is going through because of the situation in Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions, there is a favorable situation for this?

“In this case, we are talking about a crisis within NATO and the European Union,” I am sure military political scientist, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Alexander Perendzhiev.

Many experts disagree with this statement. But it is precisely the fact that we are discussing that just testifies to this. The EU is in favor of creating its own army, because it does not see NATO as a structure ready to ensure the security of the EU countries. Official Brussels was convinced of this last year on the example of Afghanistan. But within NATO and the European Union, not only a political, but also an economic crisis is taking place.

Within the same Great Britain, crisis phenomena are also growing in all spheres of public life. Therefore, official London is trying to find conditionally “new colonies” that can be “quickly robbed” under the guise of frenzied Russophobia. If we also recall, as an example, official Warsaw’s statement towards the Nordic countries about the need to share, it turns out that within Europe itself a serious struggle is unfolding for intra-European resources and reproaches towards those who from the EU countries managed to maintain relative stability in the economy and social sphere.

“SP”: – How will Brussels react to the emergence of an “alternative” to the EU?

– It is possible that in Brussels they will not make any sharp statements yet. First, they will observe this process, then consult with American senior partners. It is possible that in the end, statements may appear from the European Union, albeit in a milder form, something from the series “a woman with a cart, it’s easier for a mare”!

“SP”: – Will they approve in Washington?

– I believe that official Washington has already approved these actions of the UK, since official London would not take such bold initiatives without consulting with its older brother overseas.

“SP”: – Turkey, in your opinion, will go to join the openly anti-Russian union?

– In each such organization there are not only members. As we know, such structures also have such statuses as “partner” of the organization and “observer”. It is possible that official Ankara may choose just such a variant of interaction with the new regional structure led by Great Britain.

“Perhaps, statements by Ukrainian officials that were made even before the start of the Russian military special operation created additional ground for such rumors,” he said. Leading Analyst of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications Mikhail Neizhmakov.

— For example, Volodymyr Zelensky at the beginning of February 2022 spoke about his intention to create “a new format of political cooperation in Europe between Ukraine, Britain and Poland.” In addition, London has long shown interest in the eastern flank of the EU and NATO (primarily in Poland and the Baltic states). Offhand, we can recall, for example, the statement of the head of the British Foreign Office Liz Truss after meeting with colleagues from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in October 2021, that her country looks forward to “forging closer economic and security partnerships with such allies.” It is clear that against the background of the crisis around Ukraine, rumors will appear about the possibility of London’s cooperation with these countries and Kyiv to a new level. Another thing is that the real level of interaction between the United Kingdom and these states is likely to be much less extensive than some media suggests.

“SP”: – But the EU is not a military alliance. That is, we are talking about an alternative not only to the EU, but also to NATO? Isn’t it too messed up?

– If there really is such a plan, it is unlikely that it implies the same deep integration as in the EU or the same range of issues in the field of defense and security as in NATO. That is, such an initiative would most likely result in the creation of a kind of “club of interests”, which periodically holds summits, perhaps discusses some measures of mutual support, but can hardly even come close to creating a real alternative to NATO and the European Union. Moreover, the creation of an alternative to NATO would imply mutual defense obligations, but creating such an alliance with the participation of Ukraine means incurring understandable risks of being drawn into an open conflict with Russia. In turn, when creating a hypothetical analogue of the EU in this composition, Poland, the Baltic states and Ukraine would probably begin to insist on significant financial subsidies in their favor with London as the main donor, but British voters would hardly like this.

“SP”: – And what will they say in the USA? There is such a theory that the United States decided to concentrate on the South Asian region, where the confrontation with China is unfolding, leaving London to “watch” Europe, and London will now try to satisfy all those ambitions that have not been realized over the years of being on the sidelines.

– It is in the interests of the United States if one of the partners takes on part of the costs of working with Ukraine. But this does not mean that Washington will lose interest in working in this direction.

“SP”: – The alliance supposedly should include Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and later – Turkey. Well, everything is clear with Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states, but will Turkey go into an openly anti-Russian alliance? Or, given the close ties between Ankara and MI6, will he participate behind the scenes?

– Corriere Della Sera claims that Turkey is supposed to be connected to this format “at a later stage.” Ankara could well participate in the summits of such an association, if it were created, but would certainly try to avoid tough obligations, even despite the rather active British-Turkish contacts, including those related to military-technical cooperation.

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