Dec 31, 2020
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Britain approves trade and cooperation agreement with EU on Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed an agreement on trade and cooperation with the European Union after Brexit, which was reached last week, follows from the broadcast of the TV channel Sky News.

Johnson noted that he is ready to begin the agreement from next week, and also thanked the representatives of the EU and the UK who worked on the deal.

It is also reported that the UK parliament today passed a draft law on a trade agreement with the European Union on Brexit in the second reading. It is specified that 521 deputies voted for the adoption of the draft law on the trade agreement, 73 against. The terms of the deal will come into effect on January 1.

Recall that on December 24, representatives of the United Kingdom and the EC reached an agreement on future cooperation after Brexit, including the sphere of bilateral trade in the absence of duties and quotas. It was also noted that the agreement was reached just a week before the end of the transition period after Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, which took place almost a year ago.

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