May 2, 2022
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Bride who didn’t want to show off her white dress before her wedding is hurt by social media-addicted mother-in-law

mother-in-law addicted to social mediaThere are many women who, when getting married, do not show their wedding dress to the groom and guests until the last moment.

mother-in-law addicted to social media

This can be treated differently, but one thing is clear – such a decision must be respected. But not everyone is ready to show respect, as the recently married hero of this story was convinced. His fiancee kept her wedding dress a closely guarded secret, which for some reason pissed off his curious mother. On the day of the wedding, the mother-in-law managed to seep into the fitting room, after which she photographed the future daughter-in-law in a dress and posted it on her page on social networks, noting many invited relatives in the photo. The bride, who was planning to surprise everyone, did not even suspect that half an hour before the ceremony, many guests saw themselves marked in some photo and involuntarily admired the secret white dress. The groom was very angry with his mother, who was obsessed with social networks, and immediately after the ceremony he told her to leave, saying that she had nothing to do at the reception. Moreover, the man said that he was not interested in maintaining a relationship with his mother in the future.

mother-in-law addicted to social media

Despite the fact that the relatives accuse the man of getting involved in “frivolous female squabbles,” he is sure that his mother purposely insulted his beloved wife. Many Internet users agree with the newlywed, who are sure that the mother-in-law should be remembered – if you do not respect others, then be prepared for the fact that no one will respect you.

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