Jun 10, 2022
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Bride kicks groom’s brother out of wedding because of misbehaving shepherd dog

shepherd brought to the weddingThe wedding of the heroine of this story turned out to be spoiled by a scandal, while the relatives of the groom accuse her of intolerance and bad manners.

shepherd brought to the wedding

Our heroine’s fiancé has a 21-year-old brother who adores his German Shepherd. When the future relative asked if he could come with a dog to the wedding, and was refused, he was incredibly surprised. The bride is sure that large animals have no place at the holiday, especially since we are not talking about a trained service dog, but about a pet – ill-mannered, spoiled and unable to behave. However, the groom’s brother still came to the party with a four-legged girlfriend, who shocked many guests. Not everyone is pleased to be next to a large dog without a leash, which uncontrollably wanders around the hall and causes havoc on the tables with goodies. The angry bride told the man, sporting a “Dog Dad” T-shirt, that he and the shepherd should leave. The groom’s brother did just that, but before that, swearing began, claims and accusations against the bride that she did not put a penny on the opinion of the groom’s family. It was not without the participation of the mother-in-law, who actively stood up for her youngest son, as well as without the strange behavior of the groom, who simply stood on the sidelines and pretended that the disassembly did not concern him.

shepherd brought to the wedding

Users of social networks can console our heroine in only one thing – she was right. But all other details of the spoiled holiday are disappointing. It seems that the lady contacted a strange family, even if the newly-made husband could not protect her from worries and take her side.

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