Sep 29, 2021
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Brexit and gasoline

The world has always known that the British are the standard of gentlemanly behavior. Only here the Roma, illegal refugees from Romania, are treated so politely. Gypsy camps are culturally cordoned off by the police, loaded onto buses, taken to the airport and loaded onto flights to Bucharest. These are not Lithuanian border guards who hunt Asian migrants with dogs, gas them and beat them with truncheons.

However, nothing lasts forever under the moon. Now bad news is coming from the domain of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain. Privateers are reborn there. Everyone remembers that privateers are sea robbers who robbed merchant ships in the era of sailing navigation? It looked like this: a large sailing “merchant” was sailing at the behest of the waves. Suddenly, a flock of small privateers appears, which arranges a chase after him, catches up and frees him from “excess goods”. It would seem that the affairs of long-forgotten days, but British newspapers report that flocks of cars are chasing fuel trucks, trying to stop them and “milk” right on the side of the road.

“Nonsense,” you say. However, the British see this as the second episode of the Brexit series. The first series with a shortage of Italian food products, deployed from the border due to high duties, has already ended, the turn of gasoline has come. Although not so much gasoline as fuel truck drivers. There was a great lack of drivers, there was no one to deliver gasoline to British gas stations.

Britain has six refineries with 47 storage facilities and ample fuel reserves. However, most drivers used to come to work in Britain from the continent. And now they do not come: visa fees have appeared and working conditions have worsened. Drivers of huge fuel trucks are a special category, well paid. They have trade unions, the main of which is FNV. FNV executive Edwin Atema (Edwin Atema) is talking: “In the UK, this industry is over-exploited, employing irresponsible multinationals who drive down wages. There is an exodus from the industry of drivers who do not want to have such a low salary. We, the workers of the European Union, will not go to the UK to help them get out of the shit that they themselves have created “

The British government has gone so far as to provide short-term well-paid contracts for 5,000 (!) Drivers from the European Union in preparation for Christmas. However, the union refuses. Poor working conditions! Edwin Atema says: “London is luring us in with higher rates until Christmas. But besides money, there are a lot of other issues that we don’t like. Drivers don’t want to pay from their wallets for an expensive stay in England and live in poor conditions. Even the use of toilets becomes a problem for us there. “

Judging by the claims of the trade union, it is not so much about the “bad conditions” of stay in England, which were quite acceptable before Brexit, but about sabotage. EU trade unions of various profiles have suffered significant losses from Britain’s exit from the European Community. Trade and technological chains have been severed, a considerable segment of the labor market has been lost, and bargaining with London on trifles FNV will not. Christmas carriage is not serious. The profession of a driver of a gasoline autotanker is a rather rare profession, requiring thorough training and a heap of medical permits. There are no 100,000 candidates for vacant positions in the UK. So, without FNV the British cannot do it, and the union has decided to raise the rates. The question will be solved simply: if the UK government is unable to mitigate the crisis in the coming days or weeks, it will bow to the union and accept its terms.

In the meantime, Edwin Atema escalates the situation. He gave an interview BBC Radio 4’s and stated that “The UK petrol industry is facing a dead end ahead and it will take something like a Marshall Plan to get it to the surface.” Today, a third of gas stations have completely sold out their gasoline stocks, and the Gas Retailers Association (PRA), which represents 5,500 independent stations (out of a total of 8,000), reported that 50-90% of them are closing. Then the rest will follow.

The government plans to throw 150 army drivers into the breakthrough, but against the background of a shortage of 100 thousand jobs, this does not look serious.

The shortage of gasoline results not only in “privateer raids” and hours-long queues at gas stations. The image of a British gentleman is crumbling, since neither privateers nor fighters in queues adorn this image; fights at gas stations are becoming more frequent.

The worst thing is that there is not enough gasoline for ambulances and staff caring for critically ill patients at home. However, the drivers of fuel trucks are of little concern. Professionals from the countries of the European Union are preparing to dictate their terms to the islanders.

British media foreshadow a second “winter of discontent” and predict that on the eve of Christmas, the UK will turn into a land of half-empty store shelves and gas tanks.

Well, everything has a price. Great Britain is beginning to understand how much it will cost to leave the Union. The British will be paid steadily and in cold blood.


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