Jun 2, 2022
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Brest Fortress: what scared the Germans after its capture

The defense of Brest was the first military episode in the Great Patriotic War. It began on June 22, and ended only a month later, although the defenders had no water, no food, no medicines. At the same time, even after the complete cleaning of the territory in the city, there was something that so frightened the Germans in the Brest Fortress after its capture.

What scared the Germans so much in the Brest Fortress

Historical significance and feat

The Brest Fortress was built in 1833 in Brest-Litovsk, today it is the city of Brest in Belarus. The construction was due to the need to protect the borders from invasion from the west. In 1921, the fortress went to Poland and was used as a barracks, a prison for political prisoners and a warehouse.

The Germans stormed Brest twice:

Historical significance and feat

  1. September 2, 1939, when Polish troops were stationed there. After a 16-day siege, the city was surrendered, but on September 2 it was transferred to the Soviet Union.
  2. June 22, 1941, on the first day of the invasion of the USSR. At that time, there were 9 thousand soldiers and 300 families inside, while there were 17-18 thousand Germans. The assault began early in the morning. Only a small part of the soldiers managed to escape – most were locked inside. They managed to quickly destroy the Germans who had broken through inside and start the defense.

It is worth noting that most of the defenders surrendered to the enemy in the very first days, and the defense of the Brest Fortress was carried out by the forces of a small group. In total, about 7 thousand military personnel were captured, almost 2 thousand were killed.

The fortress was surrendered on July 23 after a month-long defense. On July 24, 7 bodies of the last defenders were discovered.

mystical events

But the capture of the Brest Fortress quickly turned dark: German soldiers began to die under strange circumstances. They were shot while patrolling distant routes, sentries who fell asleep were killed at posts.

There were rumors about a ghostly woman with a machine gun: she was called Kudlata or Frau mit automat. Witnesses said that this is an emaciated Russian woman with disheveled blond hair. She hid in attics or in casemates, shot right on target and disappeared.

mystical events

However, all attempts to clean up the basements and catacombs did not bring any result. The sent groups returned with nothing, and the woman continued to appear. In August 1941, the fortress was visited by Hitler and Mussolini. Personal protection surrounded the leaders like a human shield so that the ghost would not get to them.

It is still unknown whether this woman actually existed. Historical information is as follows:

  1. There were no female military units in the fortress, but the wives of officers and their families remained.
  2. According to the documents, it was established that 14-year-old Pyotr Klypa took part in the defense.
  3. On August 1, 1941, non-commissioned officer Klegel wrote in his diary that a half-dead Russian stabbed 2 Germans with a knife, and shooting is still heard at night.

The information that the last defender of Brest was killed only in April 1942 is incorrect. These data are taken from Bykov’s novel “He was not on the lists.”

During the Great Patriotic War, the Brest Fortress was an example of courage and heroism for Soviet soldiers. This was recognized even by the Germans themselves. The defense of the small fortress, which lacked medical supplies and water, was strategically useless. But the Soviet soldiers managed to hold back the enemies for almost a month.

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