Oct 26, 2021
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Breitbart readers in America share Putin’s opinion on gender reassignment in children


Breitbart readers in America share Putin's opinion on gender reassignment in children
Administration of the President of Russia

During the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club, the head of state called a monstrous situation in which children are taught the ease of sex change. He compared this to crimes against humanity.

According to one of the users, China and Russia do not accept “perverts”, which became the reason for the West’s hatred of them. Another commentator noted that he considered the Russian leader’s statement as an adult.

Other users were more radical. One of the commentators inquired about the possibility of obtaining asylum in Russia. Another Breitbart reader asked if Putin could be elected as the leader of the Conservative Party in the United States before it “broke down completely.”

Another user said that he has been living in Russia for 30 years and has more freedom than he could get in the West. The author of the commentary is sure that the Western media are simply “demonizing” the Russian leader, since he does not follow other people’s orders and does not kneel before the globalists.

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