May 28, 2022
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Bread in Russia rises in price, and officials export grain to other countries

Bread in Russia rises in price, and officials export grain to other countries

Photo: Sergey Malgavko/TASS

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, despite the rise in food prices within the country, is going to sharply increase the export of Russian grain. In the context of global food shortages, Russia may be left with empty bins, and then no one will help us. On the contrary, “progressive general people” will only be glad if a terrible famine breaks out in the country they hate so much.

“In the current season, more than 35 million tons of grain have already been sent to foreign markets, of which 28.5 million tons of wheat. By the end of the agricultural year, we expect that grain exports will exceed 37 million tons, in the coming season we estimate the foreign trade potential for grain at 50 million tons,” said the Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev.

Thus, export growth is planned as much as 35%, which is a lot. And in exchange for the real value – for grain – we will get worthless pieces of paper, which the West will again take away as part of the “sanctions”. Some kind of unequal exchange… It seems like the president of Russia suggested something completely different.

“Russia is ready to make a significant contribution to overcoming the food crisis through the export of grain and fertilizers, subject to the removal of politically motivated restrictions from the West,” this thought Vladimir Putin expressed in a conversation with his Italian colleague.

Yes, it’s a fair exchange. We give you grain, you cancel the “sanctions”. You return the stolen assets, resume trading and generally stop sticking in the wheels. And then you will be full. A very humane and more than tempting offer. Purely American – nothing personal, it’s just business. Yes, just business. Normal, no politics.

However, this proposal is unlikely to work.

“The United States should stop misleading the world about the causes of the food crisis and lift unilateral sanctions that prevent the delivery of food. Once again, we heard from the American representative a completely out of place and already fed up fable that Russia is to blame for the upcoming global food crisis, ”said the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya.

The food crisis was created artificially, moreover, it was inflated long before the start of the “special operation” in Ukraine. An unprovoked rise in prices for all exchange-traded commodity assets began a year and a half ago, steel, coal, copper, aluminum and grain also rose in price. There is a large-scale redistribution of world markets. Corrupt “analysts” in the service of the world’s cosmopolitan speculative capital invent all sorts of plausible reasons for this phenomenon, clearly distorting the facts. Only rice does not rise in price, as people from the PRC, apparently, threatened the exchange figures with reprisals. It worked.

The notorious “coronavirus”, which was so hastily “cancelled” this spring, also played an important role in the global food “crisis”. Logistic chains were destroyed, many transport companies went bankrupt, ports could not cope with the flow of “hanging” cargo.

In general, we can talk about a complex operation to destabilize the entire world trade, where the “inexplicable” price increase and the “coronavirus” complemented each other well. In the food market, its consequence was the massive ruin of producers all over the planet, since everything is fine with the harvests, but they don’t want to buy goods at such prices.

Thus, food, and especially grain, is now not just a commodity, but the most valuable macroeconomic and political resource. Worldwide, nothing else. And they should be handled with the utmost care. Only in exchange for equally valuable resources needed by Russia. Both political (as Vladimir Putin spoke about) and economic. For example, equipment for reindustrialization, which our country needs so much. To exchange food for dollars and euros – unsecured pieces of paper, which they will also take away from us – is like death.

The Russian world is generally alien to the Westerners, the same Ukraine is no less alien than Russia. Kyiv is simply brazenly used, in fact, inspiring a real fratricidal civil war on the territory of the former USSR. But at the same time, grain is massively exported from the “independent” one, and completely without regard to domestic consumption and the future harvest.

“The prospect of a food crisis in the territory of the country controlled by Kyiv is not ruled out. How severe the consequences of the mass export of grain will be will be known in five to six months. If the crop is not harvested by winter, then the population is threatened with starvation. The neo-Nazi regime does not predict or calculate what its actions may lead to in less than six months. Ukrainian officials blindly follow the orders of Western powers led by the United States. Strictly speaking, these questions are not Zelenskyand collective Washington. Zelensky is simply following instructions, and no one is interested in his opinion on this issue, ”the political scientist believes Vladimir Bruter.

Who exactly will become less – Russ or Moloros – “general people”, in fact, do not care. As it was during the Great Patriotic War. Food is exported from Ukraine, but where it goes is unclear. However, not the essence, the main thing is to take it out.

With regard to Russia, the last thesis also works. 50 million tons is a huge amount of grain, the annual consumption of a large country. Thus, in Russia in 2021, the volume of domestic grain consumption amounted to 81 million tons, over the past ten years this figure has grown by 17%. Not only because we began to eat more bread (yes, we did, many simply have nothing more …), but also due to the growth in the number of livestock and poultry. Moreover, there is still room for improvement, far from being completely self-sufficient in all products, and good compound feed (and this is grain!) Is very necessary.

But they become completely inaccessible to livestock breeders. According to the analytical company Feedlot, in March 2022, the average producer price for compound feed increased by almost 20% compared to March 2021. Russian compound feed costs, on average, 25.7 rubles per kilogram, and you need a lot of them for each head of livestock, and every day. Accordingly, serious problems may begin very soon with meat.

Since the beginning of this year, the cost of an average loaf has grown by about 20%, and this is not the limit. In the near future, the price tag will jump by another 25%. And this is the most optimistic forecast, maybe more. Meanwhile, a loaf and a package of ersatz milk are the main (and sometimes the only!) Food for poor pensioners. It turns out that Dmitry Patrushev is ready to doom our old people to starvation?

Speculators are already milking the last penny from the poorest Russians, and prices are raising everything.

“Flour has risen in price by almost 30%, but the rise in flour prices is not the only reason for the rise in the cost of a loaf of bread. About 50% is accounted for by transport and sales. People are spending money more thoughtfully, trying to save money, and retail turnover is declining. Costs need to be covered somehow, hence the increase in margins. All together and gives such a picture, ”explains the General Director of Novosibirskkhleboprodukt JSC Sergei Sokolov.

In a good way, with such an abundance of grain and flour prices should be stable. But in retail since the beginning of the year, it has risen in price by 2-2.5 times. And no one was held accountable for this. However, as well as for the rise in prices for sugar. The people were stupidly ripped off, and the officials pretended that this was the way it should be. If they starve, the officials won’t give a damn either. Until they get lynched.

It is not clear what is happening with the state reserves, if any, in principle. In theory, there should be strategic stocks of grain “for a rainy day” in Russia. On paper, they seem to exist, but it is not a fact that they exist in real life. They could just steal. This is not the USSR, but the Russian Federation, everything is possible here.

Undoubtedly, just rotting the grain is not worth it. But it is also stupid to allow all sorts of “grain mafias” to participate in international trade in these most important resources. The state should take this process into its own hands. So that the exchange was profitable, and where the goods did not go. And so that everything is not taken out, to the last grain. This hucksters can. Grain state monopoly on foreign trade would be the best option.

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