Apr 8, 2021
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“Brad Pitt will envy”: Stas Kostyushkin makes masks from cow placenta

The laurels of the first handsome Hollywood man, Brad Pitt, haunt many uncles. So the Russian singer Stas Kostyushkin decided to surpass the movie star with his beauty using an unusual procedure.

Stas Kostyushkin showed the mask from the cow placenta to the subscribers of his Instagram account.

According to the singer, he ordered such an unusual snout mask from Japan, it consists of the remains of a cow’s placenta.

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“Soon Brad Pitt will envy my unimaginable beauty,” Kostyushkin said on the video.

Followers of the artist have ambiguously appreciated this beauty procedure. Many fans of Stas began to practice their wit, while others were seriously interested in the result of using a similar mask for the snout.

“And after taking it off, be sure to eat it,” suggested one of the Internet users. Another advised Stas to throw out the “kaku”.

“Have you decided to be more beautiful than your wife?” Asked one more follower.

“And what will happen to the murl later? What is the effect of the mask?” – the singers asked the singer.

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