Oct 31, 2021
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Braces treatment: pros and cons

Braces treatment: pros and cons

Orthodontics. Treatment with braces. Pros of using braces. Cons of braces.

Not everyone can boast of a good grin and healthy, even teeth. This is probably why we increasingly meet people of all ages with braces on their teeth. Many people think that such methods of treatment are for children and adolescents, but this is far from the case. It is possible to correct the bite even at the age of 40, it is only a matter of time and desire. Today, braces are the best way to correct an occlusion of any degree of complexity, which is a non-removable device that is attached to the teeth with a special glue for the entire course of treatment (usually 1.5-2 years). They are made from different materials: metal, ceramics, sapphire and much more, so you can easily choose your option.

If you decide to align your teeth, it is better to seek the help of highly qualified specialists. Oculus Medical Center provides quality orthodontics services An experienced dentist will advise you on all issues, select the best bracket system that meets your wishes and make the treatment process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Pros of using braces

  • The ability to completely correct any bite defects and deformation of the teeth
  • Stationary installation: does not allow you to remove the system yourself, unlike the plate (important during treatment for children)
  • No age limit: suitable for both children and adults
  • The first changes are noticeable after a few weeks

Cons of braces

  • It becomes more difficult to maintain oral hygiene
  • Requires special care, including special brushes for cleaning teeth
  • Violation of diction of initial use
  • Aesthetic appearance (a bit of a controversial issue, as more and more advanced braces have appeared recently, which are almost invisible. In addition, internal braces can be ordered – they are hardly noticeable, since they are attached to the inside of the teeth).

Depending on the material of manufacture of the system, a number of its nuances can be distinguished.

For example, metal braces are especially popular due to their high strength and low price, but at the same time, they are less comfortable to use, and from the point of view of aesthetics, they are not always attractive, unlike ceramic structures.

Ceramic braces, in turn, are practically invisible due to imitation of the color of the tooth, and are also quite durable, not oxidizing or staining, but the price is much higher. And in case of serious malocclusion they are not used.

Sapphire designs are also distinguished. They are transparent and look like an accessory, and they are quite easy to clean and convenient to use. They can even be taken off before meals and are less painful. The only drawback is the high price and fragility of the structure compared to metal braces.

As you can see, the advantages of such treatment are huge, and the disadvantages are insignificant. And, as they say, beauty requires sacrifices: sometimes financial, and sometimes in the form of more careful care of your own teeth. Remember that everyone has the right to a good and healthy smile, regardless of age, so feel free to seek help from specialists. Together we can make your smile perfect!

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