Oct 19, 2021
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Bra and sleep. What is the harm of sleeping in a bra at night?

Bra and sleep.  What is the harm of sleeping in a bra at night?

What is the harm of staying in a bra at night, we will tell you in today’s article.

A bra is an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe. Almost all of the fairer sex wear a bra all day, some do not want to part with their favorite piece of clothing even at night.

The harm of sleeping in a bra at night

There are many reasons why doctors recommend taking off your bra at night.

  • Due to the tight fit of the tissue, the bra promotes squeezing of the breast, which stops its development and growth, reduces blood flow and prevents the breast from forming properly.
  • In adolescence, the night stay of the mammary glands in a bra can lead to improper formation of their shape, which is fraught with the appearance of diseases such as breast cancer and mastopathy.
  • Many ladies sleep in a bra in order to prevent sagging breasts. It is worth noting that the mammary glands can be deformed only when the body is in an upright position; at night, the chest rests just like other parts of the body.
  • With constant wearing of a bra, you can cause problems not only with the chest, but also with the spine. Usually, the bra clasp fits snugly to one of the vertebrae and fixes it, which leads to discomfort and pain in the spine. You can avoid the described ailment by frequently changing the styles of the bra, playing sports and unbuttoning the product at least 3 times a day.
  • Breast sensitivity can be lost due to the regular presence of the mammary glands in the bra. For men, the mammary glands are one of the most beloved female erogenous zones, and their loss of sensitivity can impair the sex life of both partners.
  • The last reason is poor sleep. In a bra, the breast cannot relax, rest and recover, because of this, a woman in the morning often feels unwell, fatigue and discomfort in the chest area. You probably guessed that sleeping in a bra is not only uncomfortable, but also harmful.

Try to get rid of this habit and choose a bra for yourself that suits the size and parameters of your breasts.

Tips for those who like to sleep in a bra at night

If you are a woman who prefers to wear a bra around the clock, then be sure to check out the recommendations below.

  • If you cannot sleep without a bra, then replace it with a comfortable top made of natural material.
  • Do not wear bras that are too tight, as they can damage the lymph nodes and breast tissue.
  • Try to wear bras that support the breasts rather than lift them.
  • Do not wear bras without straps, such products distribute the weight of the mammary glands incorrectly, which affects the lateral lymph nodes.
  • Buy only cotton bras. Items made from nylon, polyester, spandex and other synthetic materials will prevent oxygen from reaching the skin and create a greenhouse effect in the cup.

These measures will help minimize the negative impact of wearing a bra regularly. If you value your health, then try to develop the habit of sleeping without a bra or other tight items of clothing.

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