Apr 2, 2021
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Bozena Rynska gave a rare interview about Igor Malashenko, raising her daughter and the conflict with Nika Belotserkovskaya

Bozena Rynska gave a rare interview about Igor Malashenko, raising her daughter and the conflict with Nika Belotserkovskaya

Bozena Rynska

Bozena Rynska, 46, rarely speaks to the press, although her personal life continues to excite the public. In recent years, events have occurred in it that were discussed by many: the suicide of her husband Igor Malashenko, the birth of his daughter Zhenya with the help of a surrogate mother after Malashenko’s death and a public conflict with Nika Belotserkovskaya. Bozena told about all this in an interview with Anna Mongait, which appeared on the Internet yesterday. In our material we have collected the most interesting quotes.

About the first days with my daughter

First came the fear for her and the fear of hurting her. When they brought it to me, I burst into tears. I do not know what love for a child is. What is love for a man, I know. And what is love for a child, I do not understand very well. But I wanted to be with her all the time. When they came to her to take tests, they put me in a straitjacket and pushed me out of the room, because I shouted: “You don’t know how to do this! You torture the child! It hurts!” That is, I was hovering over her like a vulture.

I very much regret that I did not carry it all the time in my arms. They told me not to tame her, because she would ask all the time, and I limited myself. Now I understand that it was wrong. I was afraid that there would be nothing to live on. This fear was strong and serious. But that I will not love her, that she will be unpleasant to me – no.

Bozena Rynska with her daughterBozena Rynska with her daughter

About the external similarity of the daughter with Igor Malashenko

It was very important for me that she was like Igor. I really wanted me to have such a little Igorek, in any form – in a woman’s or a man’s. Well, my order was fulfilled. We see a photocopy of Igor Evgenievich. I would not be able to love a child from a stranger. I clearly knew that I would not be able to have a child from a donor, because I would not love him.

It was important for me that this was a child from a person whom I loved and who would be physically pleasing to me. I liked that he was tall, I liked his hair. This is difficult, because few men are physically in love with me.

Bozena Rynski's daughter

About communicating with men now

Nobody needs me because I don’t go anywhere. It became somehow completely uninteresting to me to hang out. I rather want to see Zhenya. If a person came to the house for the first time and did not bring a gift to Zhenya, it ceases to exist for me. I follow this very closely. I only communicate with a friend who brings gifts to Zhenya all the time.

Bozena Rynska

About the status of the “childfree icon”

I cannot say that a metamorphosis has occurred to me. As I didn’t love other people’s children, I don’t. And when the children come to visit, the nanny deals with them. Breastfeeding does not irritate me, they are all as good as kittens. I am annoyed by the noise that grown-up children make. Zhenya has a “tedious hour” in the evening, when she starts to be capricious. I either go into the office, or I allow myself to say to myself: “Well, Zhen, the tedium has begun again.” That is, I allowed myself to show discontent. True, more than four times a month I do not allow myself to do this.

Motherhood is everyone’s choice. I believe that other people’s children should not poison the lives of other adults. I don’t take Zhenya to cafes or restaurants. All the inconveniences that children create are the parents’ problem. We came with a child to a restaurant – if you please entertain him. I have no aggression towards children, I still have aggression towards parents who do not consider other people.

Bozena Rynska and Anna MongaitBozena Rynska and Anna Mongait

About the difficulties of motherhood

This is a huge job, even harder than I thought. I couldn’t have done it without a nanny. I can’t imagine how Soviet women were exhausted without nannies. This is a heroic generation. To take in a nursery is to injure a child. But when these diapers, washing, when you are exhausted by a child – this is not life, but hard labor. I do not understand why and how they stood it. I began to sympathize with that generation. I understand why the children were so disliked. Because in such conditions, you probably just start to hate this creature.

Bozena Rynska

About the decision not to hide the child

I understood that we would have to live on something, and remote work is just Instagram. We barter both diapers and baby food. We have no other choice, dad left us nothing, so Zhenya and I have to feed ourselves. And then I’d rather show her, like Galkin and Pugacheva, than the paparazzi will walk around. Zhenya uses her Instagram to earn money for panties, food, wet wipes, and creams.

Bozena Rynska with her daughter

About Zhenya’s outfits

Here we have a Dolce & Gabbana skirt, here is an Oscar de la Renta dress. Here we have Burberry hanging. We also have two fur coats here, it is true, with fish fur, but, you know, you start with fish, and then the sable will go. Here we have a sweatshirt in roses and rhinestones. We accustom children to the brilliance of stones from childhood.

Bozena Rynska with her daughter

Bozena Rynska with her daughter

Bozena Rynski's daughter

Bozena Rynska

About expenses

Babysitting costs me two thousand dollars. Plus bills for the house, bills for the Patriarch’s. Well, groceries are not that expensive for me, nannies’ salaries are expensive for me.

Bozena Rynska with her daughter

About the work of nannies

Well, there are some idiots on Instagram (who are criticized for using the services of nannies. – Ed.). I am not a kvochka mother, I have no dissolution in a child. I am a different type of mother, but I saw that children love such mothers, and sometimes more than those couples who take their lives for themselves and live only by them. I’m not a fanatical mother. We had a very good, very hard-working nanny, but when the guardianship came to us on the denunciation of Belotserkovskaya, they had her passport data indicated. And she has a rather rare surname.

I do not know how this report became available to the enemies, but they found her by her last name on the Internet, they began to offer her money for leaking information. She categorically refused to do this, and then they began to threaten her. On my behalf, on the garbage sites, they began to leave slander against her. She was very worried. She was so tired of it that she said she couldn’t work like that anymore.

Bozena Rynska with her daughter

About the conflict with Nika Belotserkovskaya

Belotserkovskaya’s lawyer, on her behalf, wrote a statement to custody on the fact of child abuse. The guardianship was forced to react, they came, wrote in the report that the girl was very well-groomed, that she had excellent living conditions. But then there were anonymous complaints. The commission on juvenile affairs began to come.

Belotserkovskaya’s lawyer wrote to three wards on her behalf. It was written that the child eats dumplings and cutlets, that we have unsanitary conditions related to the dog, that the child chews on dog toys, that I have no money to support the child, since I do not work. About the photo where Zhenya got dirty with beets, it was written that I painted the child with paint.

About the will

I left an order as to who will be the guardian in the event of my death. I bequeathed everything I could to Zhenya. I am very afraid that Zhenya will grow up and they will begin to persecute her because of me. I am suing now with everyone who will allow an extra word about the child. And it is very important for me to win the trial with Belotserkovskaya, to punish her for her verbal aggression against the child. So that it was discouraging, so that people knew that for this they would have to spit blood in a not childish way.

About Igor Malashenko

I don’t know yet how I’ll tell Zhenya about him. This is a very complex story. I will seek the advice of a psychotherapist. But we have photographs, I am already showing that this is dad. I have letters from him, where he says that he wants a child. I have a letter, as he writes to his eldest daughter that we will have a child, most likely. I have documents confirming that he eventually wanted this child, because he went to all the operations.

To prove to her with documents that she was a desired child, it just happened to my dad, I can. And to the court, and to Zhenya. I regret that Zhenya did not appear earlier. But it feels like while Igor was alive, there was no space for the child. I was all in Igor, I thought about him, talked about him, everything was occupied by Igor. And in the fact that he left and a child appeared, there is some kind of higher logic.

Bozena Rynska and Igor MalashenkoBozena Rynska and Igor MalashenkoBozena Rynska and Igor Malashenko

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