Jun 1, 2022
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Boyfriend offended by a girl who tried to feed him “leftovers”

boyfriend offended by leftoversOne evening, the girl who shared this story on social media looked in the refrigerator and concluded that she did not need to go to the grocery store for dinner.

boyfriend offended by leftovers

On the shelves were some leftovers from the day before: a few cutlets, a pasta salad, and grilled corn. But the lady’s boyfriend had a completely different opinion about food. He stated that they were trying to feed him “leftovers” for dinner. So that her beloved would not be offended, the girl stood up to the stove – cooked rice, fried ground beef and some fresh corn, poured everything with homemade sauce and baked it with cheese. But this did not suit the fussy – since the lady never went to the store for fresh ingredients, then these are still leftovers. Now the boyfriend is very offended by our heroine, because she wants him to starve and eat only dry crackers. It got to the point that the girl herself began to believe that she was a bad housewife.

boyfriend offended by leftovers

Social media users advise the heroine not to torment herself and reconsider her attitude towards her spoiled lover. Yesterday’s food was not leftovers at all, but the description of the dinner she cooked made many salivate. If something does not suit a man, then let him cook himself. Or really go on a cracker diet.

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