Jun 5, 2022
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Boyfriend kidnapped ex-girlfriend and tattooed his name on her face

boyfriend name tattooTayane Caldas was on her way to school when the 18-year-old girl was approached by Gabriel Coelho, her ex-boyfriend.

boyfriend name tattoo

Fearing that the man might use force against her, a resident of Sao Paulo (Brazil) obeyed the requirements to get into the car, after which the couple went to Gabriel’s house. There, the man tattooed Tayana with his name, going from ear to chin.

boyfriend name tattoo

The next day, Tayane’s mother filed a report with the police about the disappearance of her daughter, and the girl was found at the ex-boyfriend’s house. Now another statement has landed on the table of the police – about the kidnapping and the ill-fated tattoo.

boyfriend name tattoo

Tayane and Gabriel met in 2019, and the relationship between them was very stormy. The couple broke up, then got back together. The boyfriend often beat his passion, but now he has gone to the extreme and a court ban on approaching Tayana. By the way, the man claims that his beloved did not resist the tattoo and accepted this idea with great enthusiasm.

boyfriend name tattoo

The girl’s case attracted a lot of attention, and several clinics immediately offered Tayana a free procedure for removing the “stigma” that Gabriel had awarded her. By the way, on the body of the lady there are a couple more tattoos with the name of the ex-lover. She would like to get rid of them too.

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