Sep 30, 2021
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Boycott of the Moscow City Duma, dozens of lawsuits, lawyers behind bars

Boycott of the Moscow City Duma, dozens of lawsuits, lawyers behind bars

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The Communist Party faction boycotted the first meeting of the Moscow City Duma on September 29. According to her leader Nikolay Zubrilin, deputies and the Moscow City Committee do not recognize the results of the DEG in the elections to the State Duma in the capital’s single-mandate districts and demand that the Moscow police stop persecuting the communists, but for now they are leaving the meeting in protest.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation filed 31 lawsuits with the Presnensky Court of Moscow following the results of the DEG. The elections to the State Duma were called unreliable, the results of which should be canceled. It was planned to submit applications to the court earlier, but after the “blockade” by the police, the reception of the deputy chairman of the party Ivan Melnikov and the city committee, where the lawyers who prepared the documents were located, the deadlines were shifted. At the same time, the number of claims doubled.

Gennady Zyuganov called the “blockade” a criminal offense and recalled his appeal to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev… Also, the head of the CEC promised to send a request for complaints from the communists to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow. Ella PamfilovaDmitry Peskov noted that every citizen has the right to apply to the court. The police, however, consider the statements of the communists to be politicized.

They insist that they are busy identifying persons involved in the uncoordinated actions of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on September 20 and 25. However, they took place in the format of a meeting of citizens with deputies. Nevertheless, a Communist lawyer was arrested for 10 days Mohamed Bidzhev… “He should be a prosecutor, not a prisoner!” – commented the first secretary of the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party Valery Rashkin

“SP” talked about the current events with Deputy Head of the Communist Party faction in the Moscow City Duma, Secretary of the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Pavel Tarasov

– The decision to leave the Moscow City Duma was made specifically at this meeting. Moreover, it was the first after, as we are convinced, an absolutely falsified electronic vote. We could not pass by this. And the agenda itself was emasculated, which has already become a tradition. Opposition bills are postponed, and all kinds of game are considered. Therefore, there are no tactical losses, and it is probably impossible to prolong the boycott in the long term either. Still, it is necessary to communicate the position of our voters, to resolve the issues that they pose to us.

“SP”: – Pamfilova supported your position …

– From Pamfilova’s side, I think everything will be limited to a statement. The police have already released their statement. And what has changed? Unfortunately, the practice of considering administrative cases in courts is extremely depressing. In the “fake” reports, they write the same thing to everyone: they shouted, chanted. Although in the video the person is either silent or even absent. You can’t prove anything to anyone. Yesterday Sergey Tsukasov wrote 10 days and two fines, today lawyer Bidzhev was arrested for repost – he was avenged for preparing a lawsuit against DEG. Even in the courts, legal mechanisms cease to function.

“SP”: – Your claims against DEG will be considered by the same courts …

– The calculation of those who organized the DEG was that thanks to the “black box” system, no one would know about anything. So that there were no statistical analysis mechanisms, they enlarged everything and there was only one electronic PEC for the whole electoral district. Although technically it was possible to count down to every house.

Nevertheless, an analysis of open data suggests that there were total falsifications: at the time of the opening of polling stations, tens of thousands voted, bursts on the timeline, stories with re-voting, night voting, disabled surveillance etc.

These violations are enough to invalidate the DEG results.

State Duma Deputy Denis Parfenov I am sure that the campaign of pressure on the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is explained by its high results in elections throughout the country.

– The confrontation between the authorities and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation began immediately after we won a significant result in the elections, received several million votes more than before. And all this against the background of falsifications. Our success has caused considerable concern for the authorities, a campaign of persecution has been launched against the communists, our people are being pressed, as they have not been pressed for a long time. Dozens of people were detained, arrested, including not the last comrades in our party vertical. Among them are our lawyers who prepared claims, municipal deputies, activists.

“SP”: – After the pressure campaign, the number of lawsuits doubled? Why?

– This is a technical point. In connection with yesterday’s siege and the fact that September 29 is the last day for filing claims, it was decided to divide: the party files a claim for each of the candidates nominated by it, and each candidate additionally files a claim on his own behalf. Therefore, the number of claims has doubled.

Thus, the filing of claims has become more distributed and it has become more difficult to resist the detention of lawyers by the police. And it worked. Although when I filed a lawsuit today, the court officials tried to refuse to accept it. I had to put pressure, after all, I am a State Duma deputy.

“SP”: – What, in your opinion, is the judicial prospect of claims against DEG?

– It is clear that judges are appointed by the president and are part of the ruling regime. But the very fact of the beginning of the judicial proceedings is important here. This will make it possible to obtain evidence. It will be necessary to provide technical information: voting logs, how it corresponded to the lists, how it was distributed over time. These data will make it possible to determine in more detail what exactly the falsifications consisted of. Although for us it is obvious even now. In addition, the lawsuits mention not only DEG, but also the whole set of other violations. You can be held accountable for this.

“SP”: – In your opinion, the boycott of the Moscow City Duma by the communists is the right decision?

– They themselves decided on the faction, the city committee did not set such a task. I think this is a competent decision, we welcome it. They made a politically verified statement, noted that they did not recognize the results of the elections in Moscow, which were foisted on us with the help of the DEG, and demanded to win it back. Refusal to take part in the meeting is the right gesture in such an environment. This did not harm the work of parliament, but demonstrated our position. If United Russia is working as if nothing had happened, we cannot agree with this. Elections are simply being stolen from us.

Political scientist Dmitry Elovsky believes that during the election campaign, the Communist Party has developed a reputation as the main opposition party.

– The Communists used it wisely in the campaign, thanks to which the party gained its own percentages. What is happening now around the Communist Party of the Russian Federation should only strengthen the voters in the opinion that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation remains the main opposition force even after the elections. Moderate clashes with the authorities contribute to this. It is unlikely that this will end with mass plantings and bans. I do not think that the system is ready for a conflict with 20 percent of voters, which the Communist Party of the Russian Federation now objectively represents.

But the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is hardly ready to intensify the confrontation, since it has 20% support, and not more. Still, over 40% of voters are loyal to the system. One way or another, the attacks of the authorities are beneficial for the communists to maintain their positions.

Experts had doubts that the Communists would retain their enthusiasm … The tough position of the Communist Party in Moscow could become a subject for a dialogue of another part of the party about its positions in the State Duma (Ivan Melnikov has been nominated for the vice-speaker of parliament – ed.). In this dialogue, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation acts from a position of strength.

“SP”: – Boycott of the Moscow City Duma – is not it too drastic a step?

– Expressing one’s position by not participating in some process is quite systemic actions for an opposition party, not some kind of bacchanalia. In general, the Communist Party is a systemic force. They try to formalize all their actions according to the law. If street actions are not approved for them, they hold meetings with deputies. And this is an indicator that the communists are not ready to destroy the system. We still have mature parliamentarism. Look at how deputies sometimes behave somewhere in Georgia, in other countries. They beat each other. We do not stoop to this.

“SP”: – Will lawsuits help to challenge the results of the vote?

– These are also actions within the framework of the system. The party, challenging the election results, appeals to a part of the system – to the courts. The prospect of these lawsuits, I think, is nil. It will be difficult to legally prove anything. There is no practice for this new procedure. The courts will refer to the general provisions and, on this basis, dismiss claims.

In addition, the president has already said that the DEG will develop. Now no one will admit it to be recognized as a non-working tool. But the communists will confirm their opposition. Pulling the system by the mustache – why not? This will help in the next elections.

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