Feb 16, 2021
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Boyarsky’s preliminary diagnosis became famous

On Monday, February 15, actor and singer Mikhail Boyarsky was hospitalized in St. Petersburg.

Boyarsky's preliminary diagnosis became famous

The ambulance team was requested by his wife Larisa Luppian. The cause of concern for the 71-year-old national artist of the RSFSR was weakness and fever… In addition, 10 days ago, he was vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“The doctors, to be on the safe side, took him to the hospital. Now his temperature is normal, ”- said Larisa Luppian.

He will be in the ugly ward of St. Petersburg Hospital No. 122.

The fifth channel announced the preliminary diagnosis of Mikhail Boyarsky. The doctors diagnosed him with unspecified pneumonia. At the same time, a rapid test for COVID-19 showed a negative result.

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