Dec 29, 2020
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Boyarsky called D’Artagnan “killer” and opposed the remakes

In his opinion, each time the modified films only get worse.

Boyarsky called D'Artagnan

Mikhail Boyarsky, who played the role of D’Artagnan in the film about the Musketeers, spoke about his negative attitude towards the character and why he does not like remakes in an interview with the Zangalis & K YouTube channel.

Boyarsky shared that he was not interested in positive characters for performance, but the actor liked to play the role of D’Artagnan. But he does not consider this hero good. “The killer is the real one,” Boyarsky says. “Five corpses a day.”

Boyarsky was pleased with the first film about the musketeers with his participation, but remakes are no longer, but the family needs to be fed, the actor explains. In addition, his colleagues and the director put pressure on him when filming one of the parts, and he could not refuse.

“The subsequent is always worse than the previous one,” says Boyarsky, speaking of new films that came out after the original.

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