Jan 29, 2021
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Boy Baba: US ARMY will be replenished with soldiers of undetermined gender

Boy Baba: US ARMY will be replenished with soldiers of undetermined gender

Photo: DPA / TASS

The topic of transgender people in the US Army has been the most discussed in recent years (which country, such problems). Initially, they were sent to serve by President Obama, then in 2017 introduced a ban on “either a girl or a vision” in Trump’s uniform. Now Biden, having canceled many of the bans of his predecessor in the presidency, has also lifted the ban on the service of transgender people in the American army. He was also supported by the new US Secretary of Defense. Lloyd Austin.

The topic itself is quite piquant. In the army of any country in the world, at least, strange. Where will such a “universal soldier” sleep and which toilet will he use? And how to go into battle – with boobs or pussies at the ready? Thank God that such a problem does not exist in the Russian Armed Forces – if you are a soldier of the Airborne Forces (tanker, artilleryman, pilot etc.) Ivan, then you will be Ivan, if Marya’s sister is in the medical battalion, then Masha will remain. As they say, gender matters. That in battle, that in the dugout of the regimental headquarters.

In the United States, the concept of military service appears to be different. Now a cowboy from Texas, whose ancestors spent their lives in the saddle, and a distant-distant grandfather still participated in the civil war of 1861-1865 between the North and the South, can calmly declare in the local “recruiting office” that he is not John at all, but a certain individual female. In this case, there is not even a need to demonstrate the primary sexual characteristics, but only indicate in the application your preferred gender. And then in the barracks, choose the appropriate toilet for yourself – for ladies or gentlemen.

Trainer Sergeant Maguire from the famous novel about the United States Marines Robert Flanagan “Worms” probably would have died on the spot with an open jaw, having heard from the recruit that he is not a man, but considers himself a woman. It is likely that I would have checked the gender using the traditional military method – the poke method.

But now in the American army it is prescribed to be not only more tolerant of transgender people, but also to give them an advantage in military service – after all, free citizens of a free country (do not forget to put quotation marks). The Pentagon now, even if the gender of the recruit differs from the gender indicated on the birth certificate, will enroll in the army indicating the preferred one – easily changing “husband” to “wives”. The presence of a genital organ does not matter now.

Former US Secretary of Defense was puzzled by the idea of ​​lifting the long-term ban on military service for transgender people Ashton Carter back in 2016. He believed that such an innovation should ensure equal access to military service for all Americans. Well, maybe the mayor of some big city be gay and not hide his orientation, so why can’t a special forces “navy seal” be a “sea cat”? By the way, it was with his filing that the post of Minister of the Army (civilian head of the ground forces) was first taken by an openly gay Eric Fanningwho held this post until 2017. The gates of the American army turned out to be open for people with a non-traditional orientation – figuratively speaking, a paratrooper in a skirt and “sharp-cutting” thong is no longer something unusual.

The outgoing US President Donald Trump openly opposed the legalization of military service by transgender people and in July 2017 banned “half-girls” from serving in the army, canceling the decision of the administration of his predecessor Obama. The motivation was quite logical – the cost of medicine and disruptions in military work.

Plus, Trump, as an outspoken conservative, and unlike Senator John McCain (his kingdom is heavenly), has not spent more than five years in captivity in Vietnam. Four US federal courts at once – in Baltimore, Washington, Seattle and Riverside (a suburb of Los Angeles) then banned the president’s ban as violating the country’s constitution on equal rights. Transgender people were allowed access to the US military.

Moving away from medical terms and psychological research, then a transgender person is a person who presents himself in a different way – mainly sexual. It is not at all necessary that he changed his gender by surgery and removed (sewn) the reproductive organs, enlarged (removed) the mammary glands, paints his nails or cuts his hair. In principle, it’s okay, some of the men imagine themselves as a woman, some as a clown, or as a fortuneteller. There are medical reasons for this. But in the army …

– The army is a very harsh mechanism in which any action is based on the use of force, both muscular and technical, – the military expert believes Vladislav Shurygin… – Starting from the household procedures “rise-release”, “fell-wrung out”, the form of clothing for morning physical exercises “number two” is a naked torso, if someone does not remember. This is the lot of men, why, in fact, representatives of this particular gender serve in the troops.

At the same time, there are positions in the army that are held exclusively by women – as medical personnel, signalmen, and many other military specialties that do not involve heavy physical exertion and, which is also important, living together with men in the same room. And they do quite well with these responsibilities, while always relying on a strong man’s hand. A woman in uniform always commands respect precisely because she is a woman.

But it is very problematic to imagine a fighter, for example, a tank driver, or a bilge mechanic on a ship, who believes that he is Yulia, and not Yura by the very fact of his birth. At least, such incidents have not yet been encountered in the Russian army. Fortunately.

The American army has never really fought in its entire history. She did not have the Battle of Kulikovo, the Battle of Stalingrad, on account of only the shameful Vietnam, where the Yankees could not achieve any military success and preferred to water the jungle with napalm. The very profession of a military man has emasculated and turned into a kind of bureaucratic service, which is employed by those who have not found any other relevance in life.

“I’m not a man, I’m a woman,” – with this password, you can now easily find a place in the army service in the American army. Bidet, bidet shower and camouflage tampons are guaranteed. How would such a soldier of an undetermined kind be able to fight? Certainly will not behave like a Russian pilot of the Su-25 attack aircraft Roman Filippov, whose plane was shot down in the skies over Syria, and the pilot fired back to the last, and then blew himself up with a grenade along with the enemies surrounding him.

A certain “personnel shortage” has now formed in the US Army due to the loss of professionalism and, accordingly, a decrease in combat readiness. According to the Pentagon itself, about 11 percent of the personnel, which is 235 thousand people, do not meet the criteria for military service and are not capable of performing combat missions. There is no longer enough personnel for the contingents in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria – the war in the States no longer has any prestige, and the number of casualties even reduces the number of volunteer contract soldiers. It seems that they decided to eliminate the problem at the expense of “fighting girls”, recruiting transgender people who were previously denied access to the ranks of the armed forces. As O’Henry wrote, “Sand is a poor substitute for oats.”

And if Demi Moore in the famous action drama Ridley Scott “Soldier Jane” played exactly a woman in the special forces service, then the current American transgender recruits will have a more difficult role – to transform from a man into a woman in uniform. Require a cosmetic bag with lipstick and mascara in a backpack, well, and other intimate hygiene products. And also correctly execute the command: “Alignment on the chest of the fourth person” – you never know who has what size.

… During the Great Patriotic War, the title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to 95 women – pilots, nurses, signalmen. In the modern history of Russia, the title of Hero was given to 17 representatives of the “fairer sex”. All of them are women with a capital letter – mothers, wives, brides. And if they wore breeches, it was only because of their military affiliation to the uniform, and not by gender. And if Marya is Marya. Then Ivan is Ivan.

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