Oct 9, 2021
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Both anecdote and legend: Biden’s mistake was explained using Bulgakov’s method

Joe Biden messed things up again. And if American comedians simply laugh mercilessly at him, Russian journalists give a chance for a legend, explaining the mistake according to the method of Mikhail Bulgakov.

US President Joe Biden, during a speech in Illinois, called the mayor of Chicago, Laurie Lightfoot, Mr., although she is a lady. The slip of the tongue is stupid and almost typical for a very elderly American leader. Nevertheless, the video with the disclaimer quickly “stuck” in the trends of the social network Twitter.

Wait, Biden just called Laurie Lightfoot “Mr. Mayor”? Did I miss something? – the signature of the surprised spectator with one of the reposts of the video.

No, Laurie Lightfoot did not change sex, although she has … a wife, in the USA it is now fashionable. And yes, Joe Biden, apparently, did not notice the error himself. After all, after that there were new records – to confuse a TV with a telephone and to name the Illinois senator the president of the state.

While the Americans make fun of the unfortunate Biden, the Russians give him a chance to become a legend. So, the journalist of the Kremlin pool Dmitry Smirnov explained the error according to the method of the writer Mikhail Bulgakov. Remember how in Heart of a Dog?

– Are you a man or a woman?

– What’s the difference, comrade ?!

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