Jul 22, 2021
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Bortnikov’s new order: a panacea or the end of analytic freedom

On July 19, a draft Order of the Director of the FSB was published on the website of draft regulatory legal acts, which regulated the transfer of information to foreign states that could harm the interests of Russia. The content of this information was determined in the 61st paragraph of the attached list.

The document provoked an ambiguous reaction from the expert community, and, perhaps, that is why it did not hang on the site for long. Since the morning of July 20, by the way, the day of the Chekists’ salary, the site gave an error 500, and now the document is simply removed, and the Google cache is also “not to help”.

The list presented in the draft Order determined the information that do not contain state secrets, but when transferred to foreigners, they can be used against the security of the country. The project of the director of the FSB of Russia literally said: “I order to approve the attached list of information in the field of military, military-technical activities of the Russian Federation, which, when received by a foreign state, its state bodies, an international or foreign organization, foreign citizens or stateless persons, can be used against the security of the Russian Federation.” Right here “The dog and rummaged.” It is quite obvious that this information can be easily obtained by foreigners not by direct transmission, but simply from the Internet. From the website or social media account of any analyst who cannot help but study and evaluate and predict “Development of the military-political, strategic and operational environment.”

It is clear that topics like: “Information about the location, number and name of military units,” units of the SVR and the National Guard “; “Financial support of the troops”; “Crimes in the army and its morale”; “Information on purchases of goods, works, services for the needs of troops (forces), including information on the only suppliers of goods, works, services”; “Personal data of military personnel”, must be closed. But they constitute a state secret anyway. However, to cover from their own and foreign citizens conclusions about the actions of the “fifth column” aimed at destabilizing socio-political situation in Russia, which will certainly lead to complications operational environment, apparently should not. As well as prevent analysts from criticizing the liberal government of the Russian Federation for the absence of a strategic plan for the development of the Russian economy, replaced by the goals of sustainable development of the UN according to Klaus Schwab.

It is interesting that Free Europe, evaluating the draft Order, focuses on a completely different point: they are worried about the assignment of the status of a “foreign agent” to their wards, who just “warm up” the operational situation in the Russian Federation. As stated in the explanatory note to the draft Order, it was developed as an addition to the law of December 30, 2020, according to which, according to the CE, “Any person can be recognized as“ an individual performing the functions of a foreign agent ””. In fact, judging by the reaction of this USAID unit, the goal of the FSB was exactly that, but it turned out that, in addition to chaff, seeds of independent analytical thought also fell under the Order.

It is interesting that the enemy station made another emphasis, which, however, raises questions from analysts who are difficult to suspect of anti-state activity. The point is that the list of forbidden information from point 34 said about Dmitry Rogozin’s “Roscosmos”. For example, against the security of the Motherland, it turns out that information about “Problems, including financial and economic ones, hindering the development of the State Corporation for Space Activities“ Roscosmos ”in one or several areas of activity”. Very similar to the package of indulgences that have been bought since the days of the Order of Malta. This makes one wonder whether Dmitry Olegovich’s patrons were involved in the preparation of the draft Order in the midst of summer holidays.

It looks like the document has been revoked after all. However, there is an understanding that the FSB of Russia, fighting the “fifth column”, does not need to replace target designation. It is necessary to distinguish constructive criticism, without which a normal empire cannot live, from the provocative and destructive activities of foreign agents.

Dmitry Svetin

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