Sep 20, 2022
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Boris Rozhin on the situation at the front and the benefits of Iranian drones for the Russian Federation

There is no serious turning point on the front near Kharkov yet, fighting continues on the Oskol River and in the Kupyansk region, the enemy is trying to break through the front in the Oskol region and advance in the direction of Svatovo. Fights are going on in a positional vein, Boris Rozhin, an expert at the Center for Military-Political Journalism and the author of the Colonelcassad telegram channel, said in an interview with

– Boris, let’s talk about the Ugledar direction, where the fighters of the third battalion, together with the allied forces, are holding the front. What positions did you manage to recapture from the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

– The front is right there. Again, the villages of Yegorovka, Nikolskoye, Pavlovka, Shevchenko. Plus or minus in the same place where the battles were going on, they are going on in the same place – on the outskirts of Ugledar.

Movements in recent months are minimal. Some positions are periodically taken, lost, but these are local tactical clashes. Seriously, the front line is not changing there.

– We pass to the Artemovsky direction. What is happening there?

– Now the battles are going on along the Artemovsk-Dzerzhinsk highway and for the fortified areas near the village of Zaitsevo. This is Artemovsky Zaitsevo, not to be confused with Gorlovka Zaitsevo.

Fights are also taking place in the industrial zone on the outskirts of Artemovsk, in the area of ​​​​Patrice Lumumba Street. There are unhurried street battles, the pace of advancement there is not very high, because there is an industrial zone.

– It was reported about the unsuccessful attempts of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Nikolaev-Kryvyi Rih direction. How do you assess the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

– Losses since the end of August there are very serious. Even the Americans gave 1 to 5. That is, for one of our dead – five from Ukraine. It was all costly.

Now they are trying to periodically attack in the area of ​​​​the village of Ternovye Pody, there was an unsuccessful attack for them in the Pravdino area, where they suffered heavy losses in armored vehicles.
They are also trying to expand the bridgehead on the Ingulets River in the Andreevka area, and fighting continues there as well. Well, they are trying to probe the front in the Olginsky direction – this is Olgino – Arkhangelsk. There, too, the fighting continues.

– We know about the suppression of the counteroffensive in the Kherson region, the armored groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed. What other losses does the Ukrainian army suffer?

– Pravdino, Posad-Pokrovskoe direction – this is just to Kherson. There were attempts to attack in the area of ​​Aleksandrovka. There they have not been able to change the front lately, they are suffering losses in armored vehicles, but attacks are periodically repeated, probing the opportunity to move further.

They take advantage of the fact that a large number of reservists are transferred there – they try to attack at their expense. So far without success.
As for the Kharkov direction, fighting continues on the Oskol River, in the Kupyansk region, and nearby settlements. The enemy is trying to break through the front in the Oskol area and advance in the direction of Svatovo. There are fights, so far in a positional vein.

– If we talk about the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in general. Do they have a chance of success?

– The enemy will continue to attack in the Kherson direction, we will certainly see new attempts to attack, and will also try to put pressure on the Kharkov direction in order to break through or push back the front on Oskol.

Also, there will certainly be attempts to attack somewhere in Zaporozhye: the Vasilyevka district, Tokmak, Pologi, somewhere there are possible attempts to strike.

Let’s move on to other questions. How do the Iskander-M systems perform at critical facilities?

– As all the practice of SVO shows, this complex is quite effective in terms of hitting important targets.
This is an accurate missile, it overcomes air defense systems quite well. It causes good destruction, this was confirmed by numerous videos, according to objective control data. The missile is good, they need to be produced even more, and, of course, military thought does not stand still, they need to be modernized and brought further, to increase the range, accuracy, and so on.

– What is known about the transfer of NASAMS missile systems by the Pentagon to Ukraine?

– Officially, while they have not been transmitted, there are currently no videos of their work or confirming that they exist.

– Iranian cargo planes fly to Moscow with an enviable frequency. Have you already tested drones and kamikaze drones at the front?

– “Shahed-136”, and in the Russian localization “Geran-2”, are already being used, there are first successes. They work well against enemy artillery, there are destroyed self-propelled guns, there are destroyed towed guns. These are good drones that were known for fighting in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, here they confirm their reputation.
There is also yet unconfirmed evidence that Shahed-129 drones are operating. They have not been fixed yet, unlike the first ones. But, I suspect they are already in use.

– How much easier is their use of fights?

– If they need to close certain sections of the front with a certain number of UAVs, if it is not possible to immediately produce a lot at home, it is reasonable to cover these needs with purchases abroad.

Iran is in the top 10 world leaders in the production of drones. If there is an opportunity and they are ready to sell or open joint ventures in Russia, where they will be produced, then why not.

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