Feb 22, 2021
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Boris Nevzorov, 71, named his newborn daughter in honor of his missing wife

In the coffin of 2020, 71-year-old theater and film actor Boris Nevzorov became the third one. The baby was named Anastasia, in honor of the tragically missing wife of the artist Anastasia Ivanova.

Boris Nevzorov, 71, named his newborn daughter in honor of his missing wife

“Yeah, the baby’s name is Nastenka. I am sure that the second Nastya Nevzorova will be cloudless, beloved, “said Tatiana Sudets, a friend of Nevzorov.

She called the tragically deceased wife of the artist Anastasia Ivanova “a holy woman who was overtaken by such a terrible death,” writes Starhit.

Sudets added that Nevzorov and his beloved Elena Khripunova, who works as an accountant at the Maly Theater, are very good together.

“For Bori, this is a new page. The hunt, of course, is to see the wedding of the grandchildren, so much so that there is an incentive to live as long as possible. Bora and Lena are great together, ”said Nevzorov’s friend.

According to the artist, the experiences that are associated with the events of 1993, when Anastasia Ivanova was found soulless in her apartment, still remain “internal, intimate” for him. It is unusually painful to remember this, since his wife’s murderer entered the world of Nevzorov’s acquaintances.

Anastasia Ivanova was killed in her apartment 28 years ago. The investigation introduced that the murderer was familiar with her, as if she herself let him into the house. The main suspect was Sergei Prosvetov, who was a relative of the late actor Alexander Savchenko, who was filmed with Anastasia. The uncle ran in under the pretext of remembering the deceased. He stabbed Ivanova twice with a knife, and then strangled her. It was not possible to detain him promptly. Subsequently, Prosvetov was killed by the son of his mistress.

Boris Nevzorov officially entered the union three times. The third alliance with the beloved of his youth, Alla Panova, arose soon after the actor became a widow and remained with his daughter in his arms. However, in 2010 he multiplied. They did not note a relationship with Elena Khripunova, but they have been living together for a long time.

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