Sep 15, 2020
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Boris Korchevnikov spoke about his brain tumor

Boris Korchevnikov spoke about her brain tumor

Presenter Boris Korchevnikov in one of his programs told what he felt during his illness.

The 74-year-old TV presenter Kira Proshutinskaya became the next guest of Boris Korchevnikov's program "The Fate of a Man" on the channel "Russia 1". 10 years ago, doctors gave her a disappointing diagnosis - cancer. Fortunately, the star managed to get out after a series of operations and a long course of rehabilitation. "What were you thinking while lying in a hospital bed?"- Boris asked her.

Proshutinskaya did not dissemble, admitting that first of all she was worried about her appearance, because this is a very important condition for her profession. "How did you feel at the same moment? Fear too?"- the TV presenter turned to Korchevnikov, about whose oncological disease has recently become widely known.

Boris hesitated a little, after which he quietly issued: “There was an understanding that I am very weak in fact, and you only seem to be the strongest".

Boris Korchevnikov
Boris Korchevnikov

Kira reassured her colleague, noting that there is no need to think about the bad anymore: “Everything, you and I have recovered, we are working with you, everything is fine with us!"

Boris Korchevnikov: "I recovered a little because I was treated"

Recall that Boris underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2015. He has already shared about his condition at that time. "I also went through craniotomy and I know what it is. You cannot walk for several weeks. You walk like a wall. And everything in life changes, you see everything differently. Plus something is opening these days", - he noted.

Recently there were rumors that the disease had returned to the artist, but Korchevnikov left these speculations without confirmation.

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