Sep 14, 2022
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Boris Korchevnikov settled a refugee


Leading Boris Korchevnikov decided on a noble step.

The TV presenter is on the side of the true patriots of Russia. The TV presenter has repeatedly traveled to Donbass and Lugansk on a charitable mission. Colleagues admire the star’s generosity.

For example, the actor Alexander Mokhov is admired by the actions of Korchevnikov. He considers his colleague a man of great soul, able to come to the aid of even a stranger.

The other day I spoke with Borey Korchevnikov. We have known each other for 30 years. As a boy, he played in the play “Sailor’s Silence” at the Tabakov Theater. And the other day he told me that a refugee from Bucha, this small town not far from Kyiv, where I constantly filmed, lives at his house. Someone will say, they say, well, this is a good political step. And I think this is a good human step!”- shared 59-year-old Mokhov in an interview with KP journalists.

Boris Korchevnikov - photo from the archive -
Boris Korchevnikov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Boris himself prefers not to talk about good deeds, but he does not hide his feelings for his native country.

Russia is like God. No, it’s really similar. Not always, but at the best moments of her history and under the best of her rulers, who clearly heard him, she was like him. I wrote about this once, but this night, peering into the darkness of Kyiv, I just became convinced. God is very patient. And very delicate. And he is always looking for something to save, and nothing to punish. And if there is even one chance, even half a chance of salvation, God will wait“, – the TV presenter once philosophized on the social network.

Work and charity do not leave time for personal life: Korchevnikov is still alone. And yet, by his own admission, he does not despair of meeting a worthy girl and becoming a father. “Mom calls me old grandfather, because at 39 I’m not married“, – he confessed in the program “The Fate of a Man” on the channel “Russia 1” last year.

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