Jan 10, 2021
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Boris Grachevsky, sick with coronavirus, connected to a ventilator

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Doctors call the director’s condition extremely difficult.

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The fact that 71-year-old Boris Grachevsky contracted the coronavirus became known on December 21. The creator of Yeralash himself confirmed the information about the hospitalization by posting a photo in an oxygen mask on his microblog on Instagram. On December 31, there were rumors that the film director’s condition worsened and he was transferred to intensive care. However, then Grachevsky denied these arguments.

Yesterday, friends of Grachevsky sounded the alarming news that the director was in intensive care with extensive lung damage. At that time, he was not connected to a ventilator, although the percentage of damage to his lungs was 75%. According to relatives of Boris Yuryevich, coronavirus pneumonia was complicated by an associated bacterial infection. The state of the artist was assessed by physicians as “consistently difficult.”

Shortly before the New Year, Grachevsky urged not to worry about his health

Today it became known that Boris Grachevsky was nevertheless connected to a ventilator. This happened on January 7th. The doctors put him into a drug-induced coma and the doctors call the 71-year-old film director’s condition extremely difficult, writes “Moscow Says”.

Note that his wife is worried about Grachevsky’s health Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya… In her microblog on Instagram, she urged to pray for her “talented and beloved husband.” By the way, 36-year-old Catherine last year herself had a coronavirus. Boris Yuryevich and Ekaterina, who is two times younger than him, have been married for four years. During this time, the couple had a son, who was named Philip… At first, they hid the pregnancy, but in April last year, during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the boy was born.

Philip became the fourth child of the director: from previous marriages he has two daughters and a son. In the director’s relationship with Galina Grachevskaya son was born in 1972Maxim, seven years later, Ksenia… Boris Yuryevich lived with his first wife for 35 years. From 2010 to 2014 he was married to Anna Grachevskaya. A daughter was born in marriage Vasilisa

Boris Grachevsky and his son Philip

Note that many stars of Russian show business are currently suffering from coronavirus. 86-year-old Alisa Freundlich is now in hospitals. The actress was initially treated at home, but at the end of December 2020, after the deterioration of her condition, she was hospitalized. At the moment, we know about the positive changes in her health. Oleg Basilashvili, 86, was under medical supervision. The artist has already been discharged this week. Vasily Lanovoy, 86, was also sent to the hospital. Two days ago it became known that the actor was on the mend, but the doctors are still hesitant to send the actor home.

82-year-old Liya Akhedzhakova also contracted a dangerous virus, against the background of which some chronic diseases have worsened. Producer Akhedzhakova confirmed the information about her hospitalization. According to media reports, the actress’s condition has recently deteriorated.

Leah Akhedzhakova

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