Sep 3, 2021
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Booster vaccination

Our dictionary is replenished with new words: “pandemic”, “PCR test”, “antibodies”, “immune response”, “asymptomatic infection” … At the beginning of the summer, another word was introduced: “booster” (eng. amplifier – accelerator, amplifier). We are talking about booster vaccination, which the WHO defines as: “An additional dose of vaccine required to” push “(increase) the level of antibodies after the completion of the primary course of immunization; may include up to three repeated doses “

When vaccination began last December, citizens were told: inject once and it will last for a lifetime. At the beginning of this year, the WHO and the main manufacturers of drugs “specified”: to guarantee you should be injected twice. At the end of August, 5.178.7 million doses of vaccines were injected worldwide, and there were 67, or 26.9% of the world’s population, per 100 people twice vaccinated. As of 29 August, the proportion of fully vaccinated (two doses) exceeded 70% in countries such as: Malta – 82; UAE – 76; Singapore – 76; Portugal – 73; Iceland – 73; Uruguay – 72; Qatar – 72; Denmark – 71; Chile – 71; Belgium – 70.

The expected miracle did not happen anywhere. For example, in Portugal for the week of August 23-30, the number of cases diagnosed with COVID-19 was 15,527. This is 1.528 people per 1 million inhabitants. Died in the same week with such a diagnosis 82 people. Calculated for 1 million inhabitants, it turns out to be 8 people. In Malta, the relative rates of morbidity and mortality were 711 and 9 people (per million inhabitants) for the same week. I will not give the numbers further. Statistics show that full (two doses) vaccination against the virus does not protect. They immediately found an “explanation”: the new strains of the virus are to blame for everything. Therefore, new doses of vaccines were needed and they were called boosters.

In the summer, the authorities of the United States, Israel, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and France announced the need for boosters. Hungary already carried out a booster in August. Poland, Germany and France promise to start it in September. On August 30, news spread that booster vaccines were injected in Lower Austria as well.

US President Joe Biden announced in mid-August that America would begin the booster as soon as possible, immediately after some of the experimental vaccine products received the status of a full-fledged vaccine. August 23 drug company Pfizer this status from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received and it can be expected that in September in America will begin … The elderly are named as a priority group for the booster. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla back in April he said that after two doses of the vaccine, he would probably need another one. And he added that, most likely, people will have to inject themselves annually.

From July 29, booster injections began to be given in Israel. To date, approximately one and a half million citizens of the country have received the third doses, and since the start of the campaign, more than two million people have received the booster in Israel. So far, no positive shifts have been noticed. For the week of August 23-30, the number of cases was 60.317 people. The number of deaths – 159. For comparison: a week earlier there were 52,406 cases, the deaths – 162. That is, over the week the number of cases in Israel increased by 17 percent, and the number of deaths decreased by 2 percent.

According to the relative indices of the sick per week, per 1 million inhabitants (6,468 people), Israel was in the top 5 most disadvantaged countries in the world. The example of Israel shows that a booster may not improve the situation with a viral disease. And about the long-term consequences of the booster, the authorities prefer not to stutter. Honest doctors state that a booster can have very serious negative consequences in the medium and long term. First, it will completely undermine the human immunity. Secondly, it will provoke the emergence of new strains of COVID-19. Third, it will increase morbidity and mortality from other infections. For example, the common flu can become much more dangerous. As doctors gloomily joke, the first two doses of vaccines should injure a person, and finish off with boosters.

Instead of stopping and thinking, changing or adjusting policies to combat COVID-19, the Israeli authorities continue the dangerous course of using the booster. On August 29, at a press conference, a high-ranking official of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Professor Nachman Ash admitted that the booster vaccination, which began a month ago, did not give the expected result. He put it very floridly: “We have managed to stop the growth of morbidity. It is still growing, but noticeably slower. “… At the same time, he announced that from August 29, Israel began to vaccinate children from the age of 12 with a booster vaccine.

Moreover, on July 12 Anne Lindstrand from WHO stated: “We do not have enough systematic evidence to indicate the need for booster doses.”… She noted that it is much more important to ensure the progress of vaccination, not “in depth”, but “in breadth”, that is, to increase the percentage of vaccination coverage of all inhabitants of the Earth.

This thought was reinforced during a visit to Hungary in August by the head of WHO Tedros Gebreyesus… He preferred not to touch upon the question of the medical expediency of the booster. Probably, Gebreyesus considers Ann Lindstrand’s statement about the lack of scientific arguments in favor of the booster as her “private opinion.” The head of WHO insisted that it is necessary to provide the first doses to as many people as possible: “The Delta Variant will be able to evolve further, becoming more virulent. In the meantime, more dangerous options may appear. That is why, instead of switching to boosters, it is better to share the drugs that can be used for this with other countries so that they can increase the proportion of those vaccinated with the first and second doses. ” Gebreyesus showed unexpected determination for him: he proposed to establish a three-month moratorium on the booster in the world. And he concluded: “When some countries can afford booster vaccinations, and others have not yet completed the first and second rounds of vaccination, it is morally wrong.” That is, he does not object to the booster, but proposes to redistribute limited vaccine resources “for the sake of justice.”

Meanwhile, many doctors believe that the matter will most likely not be limited to one booster injection. The WHO definition of a booster above states that it can consist of three shots (in addition to the two main doses). Some wonder why exactly three. After all, those authorities, on whose opinion the WHO relies, do not hesitate to say that the booster should become at least annual.

Famous doctors around the world speak about the negative impact on human health in the medium and long term not only of boosters, but also of the first two doses of vaccines. However, their voices drown out information resources. Big mediacontrolled by the organizers of total vaccination. To understand the scope of censoring of materials related to COVID-19, I will give just one example. In a letter on the priorities of the video sharing platform for 2021, the CEO YouTube (Google) Susan Diane Wojcicki In January, she wrote that since February 2020, more than half a million videos have been removed from the platform in accordance with the COVID-19 policy. Among those blocked by the corporation Google and its division Youtube, thousands of honest doctors of sciences, professors, reputable doctors with long experience of work, even Nobel laureates. Every second of them speaks of vaccinations as a hidden weapon against humanity.

PS The Russian Ministry of Health dispenses with the terms “booster”, “booster vaccination”, preferring the term “revaccination”. As the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation said on June 21 Mikhail Murashko, his department has developed recommendations for revaccination against coronavirus: during the period of an increase in the incidence, this should be done once every six months, in a quiet time – once a year.

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