Apr 30, 2021
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Bonya in social networks accused Kokorin’s wife of ingratitude

Victoria Bonya does not like to swear, but she could not help but respond to insults on the Web.

Bonya in social networks accused Kokorin's wife of ingratitude

Daria Valitova expressed her opinion in comparison with Victoria Boni, answering questions from subscribers. The baba of football player Alexander Kokorin did not dissemble and published a fearless statement on her Instagram page, which became the cause of the conflict.

“I don’t think about her at all. However, in principle, this person causes me a lot of unpleasant sensations and thoughts, ”said Daria. She added that she knows a lot about Victoria, which is more important not to know. According to Valitova, Bonya does not arouse “a single gram of respect” in her. Baba Kokorina called the TV personality a lost people.

Victoria Bonya could not ignore such a statement and wrote down the entire line of angry stories.

“Madam Kokorina, what do you know there, what makes you indignant? Do you remember that I went and for your faithful tore up the mundane on all channels, fought the honor and virtue of your faithful, you do not remember this?” …

The TV presenter noted that she also knows a lot about the Kokorins couple.

“It’s more important not to open your mouth about me, otherwise if I start talking, your union will burst at the seams, I simply give you my word and promise,” Victoria threatened.

The star threatened all haters that she would not tolerate gratuitous accusations and would defend her honor and virtue to the grave.

In response, Daria also recorded a video: “I am not particularly interested in her look about me. The fact that she is now publicly insulting me is her … not mine. “

Buza began to resemble a tennis match in which hairpins were exchanged in fame. Bonya showed her daughter Angelina and asked her for the spelling of the words in which she put Valitov’s mistake. The girl responded, and the proud mother ended the conflict on this.

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