Jan 7, 2022
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“Bone in the throat” of Putin: In Kiev, with a New Year hangover, they won another “victory”

In the photo: former Foreign Minister Vladimir Ohryzko

In the photo: former Foreign Minister Vladimir Ohryzko (Photo: Zuma / TASS)

In the coming year of 2022 in Ukraine, the frenzied “barking” towards Russia continues. This time, the former foreign minister distinguished himself Vladimir Ohryzko, who stated that for Putin Ukraine is a “bone in the throat”. According to the opinion voiced by the ex-minister, this year one should not expect an improvement in relations between the two countries, because this is not included in the plans of the Russian president, writes the edition “Glavred”

The former foreign minister’s statements are hardly diplomatic. He compares his namesake Vladimir Vladimirovich with Koshchey Bessmertny, for whom Ukraine is a historical mistake that must be corrected. Putin, they say, “said and wrote about this many times.” Generally speaking, the Russian president never spoke of anything like that, let alone wrote, but no one will check it anyway, you can even lie.

Vice President of the Center for Strategic Communications Dmitry Abzalov reminds that important negotiations are to take place very soon:

– American and Russian representatives will discuss arms control and the Ukrainian problem on January 10, and on the 12th, after that, there will be a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council. From this point of view, such statements can be viewed as attempts to influence the negotiation process. Moreover, if a decision is made to sign some documents – which is quite likely – then these statements can be positioned as Ukraine’s actions to limit the mythical “Russian military invasion.” In fact, it is an attempt to position itself against the background of a process in which the fate of Ukraine is being decided without itself.

On the other hand, this type of activity is largely due to the beginning of an active phase of confrontation within Ukraine. Ex-president Petro Poroshenko full of desire to dump the current Vladimir Zelensky… From this point of view, such statements can become a trigger, a trigger for the growth of political tension.

But in fact, what matters is not what the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine says, but what the current head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine can agree on. Dmitry Kuleba and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov

Maybe it was not worth focusing attention on some article, in some edition, of some ex-minister. A lot of them have changed in Ukraine. In particular, Volodymyr Stanislavovich twice served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine under the President Viktor Yushchenko – when I was prime minister Viktor Yanukovych, and in government Yulia Tymoshenko back in 2007−09.

His activity as minister was not marked by any diplomatic victories. We lost in the Hague court a dispute with Romania for 80% of the shelf near Snake Island. Threatened to declare persona non grata the Russian ambassador to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdinalthough it is difficult to imagine a diplomat more loyal to Ukraine than Viktor Stepanovich.

After a year and a half having been in charge of the Foreign Ministry, he was dismissed. And he did what he did most of his adult life – maintaining hatred of Russia.

Their owners do not need anything else from Ukrainian politicians and political scientists. And now he writes that Moscow can start large-scale military actions against Ukraine, since Russia is an “inadequate country” that needs to be kicked in the teeth. The ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine now runs some kind of Center for Russian Studies.

What is the center – so is research. The former politician, and now a political scientist, broadcasts that “a large-scale military operation of Russia against Ukraine will be the beginning of the end and the Russian empire of Putin personally,” who refuses to contact the Ukrainian president. Disdains.

But just as even a stopped clock shows the correct time twice a day, a sensible idea could not accidentally be flashed through in an odious article. The former diplomat admits that “Putin will swallow the“ square ”, which translating from the language of“ Ukrainian diplomacy ”means the possibility of a new reunification of Ukraine with Russia, already the third or fourth in a row.

Member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of Russia, political scientist Bogdan Bezpalko believes that the ex-minister’s statement is something like “Goebbels propaganda”:

– Then they also said “all Germany will rise.” But even Goebbels’ propaganda was more truthful. In Ukraine, what “several tens of millions of people will rise up in arms to defend their homeland”? And most importantly, why should they go somewhere? Are Russian troops already approaching Kharkov, Lvov or Odessa? If they went there, they would surely be greeted with flowers as liberators. People expect people to come to them and put things in order.

“SP”: – The ex-minister scares that half a million participants in the hostilities will come out for sure. And they are good at small arms. There are as many as five million unregistered trunks in Ukraine.

– I think that those who took part in the hostilities are unlikely to want to shoot at anyone again. They also want order. If the Russian leadership offers them a good salary with the transition to serve in their army, perhaps all these people will end up in the Russian army.

Some of this is already happening. Some unofficial PMCs, such as Karpaty, are in principle composed of natives of Ukraine. This does not bother anyone, ordinary pragmatism.

“SP”: Are the statements of the “ex” connected with the upcoming negotiations, in which the Russian and American sides will try to decide the fate of Ukraine?

“We in Ukraine are so accustomed to such statements that for us it is more like“ white noise ”. We do not perceive this as a factor – they say and say, they are obliged to do it. You won’t hear anything else from them.

Sometimes such statements are made by former officials to be remembered and returned to the system. And if they didn’t return it, then they just somehow encouraged it. As a rule, these kinds of “political scientists” and “heads of centers” run organizations consisting of one person – of themselves. So Ogryzko hopes that he will be given some position, an ambassador to some country …

Unfortunately, Russian-Ukrainian relations are unlikely to deteriorate, because how to worsen something that does not exist – says Mr. Ohryzko. And added to this this kind of ministers, of whom there were about fifteen before and after. But quantity did not translate into quality. In Ukraine, it is getting worse and worse, and the reason is now called solely “the aggression of the Russian Federation.” Zelensky asks for everything and asks for a meeting with Putin, and he refuses and refuses everything, and does not give the go-ahead for contacts between ministers Lavrov and Kuleba.

There is also another point of view. Putin, firstly, by his meeting with the Ukrainian president does not want to participate in the internal political struggle in Ukraine, and, secondly, he sees no reason to talk with puppets, sensibly believing that it is better to deal with puppeteers.

Russia does not want to accept us as we are, doing everything to prevent us from becoming, advocates Ogryzko and others like him. It means “we will destroy the empire,” but if it doesn’t work out, we’ll bite. In reality, Putin has something to do in this world, the fate of Ukraine is, of course, an important and difficult matter, but not the only problem. It would be better, in the opinion of the current Russian leadership, that it somehow resolved itself. So they thought under Yushchenko and Poroshenko, and they think so now.

And the Russians would like Ukraine to finally get down to business. So that at least you can feed yourself, do not stand on the world’s porch with outstretched hand. And the “most powerful army in the world” Svidomo lives on donations from the United States and Europe. Nezalezhnaya, led by the current leadership, pretends to be a chef in the political kitchen, still not realizing that she is not a chef, but just a pie.

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