Nov 10, 2021
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Bondarenko’s arrest: the Kremlin takes revenge on the Communist Party of the Russian Federation for street protests

Photo: Communist Party member Nikolai Bondarenko

In the photo: Communist Party member Nikolai Bondarenko (Photo: Maxim Grigoriev / TASS)

Zavodskoy District Court fined the deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma Nikolay Bondarenko for 1 thousand rubles for an incident in the September elections. The trial lasted eight hours. The detention of the ex-candidate for the State Duma deputies in the afternoon of November 9 was reported by the telegram channel Rashkin Today.

Bondarenko could not answer the call to “SP”. He later told local media that he was detained by four police officers near the building of the Saratov Legislative Assembly. Article 20.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation imputed to him provided for punishment of up to 15 days of administrative arrest.

Bondarenko allegedly caught a deputy from United Russia at the elections Julia Litnevskaya and the chairman of PEC No. 64 Tatiana Gorban in the cancellation of the list of voters who applied for home voting and replacing it with another. Gorban wrote a complaint against Bondarenko to the prosecutor’s office.

“They climbed into this rut, trodden Gaidaram, Chubais – greedy, thieving, dishonest, unworthy, they cannot jump out of it in any way. Putin I tried several times until it works. So they hunt for all talented people “, – explained the situation Gennady Zyuganov

He called on the authorities to “think about the country, fight off sanctions and develop confidently.” “To do this, we need to pursue a policy of solidarity, not a search for new witches. We’ll figure it out, fight back, everything will be all right. We have filed a lawsuit and will investigate, ”added the leader of the communists.

It is noteworthy that another case against the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, connected with the detention of a State Duma deputy, is also developing in Saratov. Valeria Rashkina, ostensibly during the hunt. To confirm his version of the incident with the killed animal, he passed a polygraph test.

Coordinator of the “Left Front” Alexey Sakhnin, believes that the radicalization of the left forces now observed and the tough reaction of the authorities to this has a scientific explanation.

– The active, radical wing of the Communist Party is now becoming a natural pole of attraction for all supporters of change, and on several levels. First, we are approaching the historical peak of the crisis of the neoliberal model of capitalism and the demand for the Keynesian left-reformist agenda is now at its maximum.

All the collective “Grudinins” and “Levchenko” are former red directors, the entire economy, which is connected with the domestic market, is interested in Keynesianism. Including in increasing consumer demand, that is, in increasing wages and pensions. Their interests clash with the interests of bankers who “dry up money” (do not give money to people) and exporters.

The country is growing a social base for opposition from the conventionally lower part of the ruling class, the social descendants of the red directors. Falling incomes and rising inequality are pushing the working majority in this direction. The defeat of the liberals showed that it is impossible to create a coalition of changes on their platform, but on the center-left it suggests itself and has no competitors.

The election experience has shown that it is useless to negotiate with the authorities. The Kremlin always violates agreements and rewrites the voting results by hand. But where the regional leaders of the Communist Party “went beyond the flags”, interesting collisions arose. As in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, where Levchenko headed a regional group and won in several regions.

And even in Moscow, Rashkin’s supporters did not win, but the smack remained that victory was possible and closer than many thought. Therefore, the possibility that the CPRF will become a magnet for the left is higher than ever. This means that the authorities will inevitably hit the Communist Party now, punishing it both for this and for the high result in the elections, which, without falsifications, was at the level of United Russia.

Therefore, blows are delivered. First, we saw the story with Rashkin and the elk in Saratov, now here is the story with Bondarenko in the same place. Before that, the blows were applied to Levchenko… But this pressure can mobilize the party.

SP: Mobilize, not crush? Bondarenko faces arrest …

– The situation with Bondarenko is very clear. He is a super popular regional leader with an audience of millions. They recognize him on the streets, take pictures with him. He is fighting for results in the elections, but they are going to throw him behind bars so that his popularity does not reach even greater proportions or that Rashkin, given his difficulties with the criminal case, does not give him his mandate as a State Duma deputy. All this will lead rather to the radicalization of moderate activists.

He commented on the idea of ​​transferring the mandate lawyer and human rights activist Dmitry Agranovsky

– I think the transfer of the mandate from Rashkin to Bondarenko is impossible. According to the practice of the CEC, the mandate of a deputy who resigns should be transferred to the next number on the list in Moscow. That is, all Muscovites must refuse. Then it is necessary that everyone who was ahead of Nikolai Bondarenko in Saratov refused. This is a huge number of people.

But from a political point of view and as a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, I see no reason for this. Why should Valery Fedorovich Rashkin do this? They themselves are quite a bright politician. Muscovites still voted for him. In general, it is wrong to transfer mandates from region to region by manipulating the voter. Unless it is a candidate belonging to the entire party. Such as, Pavel Grudinin

– I will assume that there are a lot of people in the State Duma who do not want such a popular politician as Bondarenko to end up in parliament, – sums up political scientist Dmitry Elovsky

“SP”: Is not the opposition beneficial to the “explosive” deputy, morally terrorizing United Russia?

– This will significantly shift the balance of power. Bondarenko plays his role of the people’s tribune, popular blogger and media personality even without a Duma mandate. And in the State Duma with such a resource and status, he will hack the agenda very strongly. Even the communist faction will find it difficult to cope. Most likely, they will try to protect him by semi-courtyard methods, as is happening now with Rashkin. In general, the story of the detention plays into the hands of Bondarenko.

“SP”: That is?

– He initially had the image of a fighter against the system. But over the past year, it has started to blur a little. The politician began to take an intermediate, a bit clownish position. And now the authorities themselves have given him an excellent excuse again and justified to return to the position of a fighter. This is what his audience loves and appreciates. In this situation, Bondarenko feels like a fish in water and is likely to gain additional political points for himself.

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