Jun 28, 2020
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Bombic focus with the disappearance of liquid in the bottle

Friends! We hasten to share a gorgeous trick with a household item that will surely delight the audience. We tell you how to drink water from a bottle, holding it at arm’s length.

The trick is shown as follows: on an outstretched arm, the magician holds a plastic bottle of liquid. With the other hand at a distance of about 40 cm from the bottle, the magician inserts a cocktail tube into his mouth and supposedly sucks in the liquid. In this case, the contents of the bottle are really reduced.

To perform the focus, you need to make a gimmick – a bottle. His work is based on the properties of vacuum space.

How to make a gimmick?

  • In the bottom of the bottle, make a round hole with a diameter of 1 cm.
  • Insert a balloon into the hole (deflated, of course). The neck of the ball remains outside, and the widest part inside the bottle.
  • Wrap the edges of the neck of the ball along the edge of the hole and glue them with hot glue. There should be no holes around the hole – glue it carefully. You will need to blow air into the hole in advance and inflate the ball inside the bottle.

trick with a bottle

How to show focus?

  1. Pour a little more than half the liquid into the bottle.
  2. Inflate the ball (this is not easy, but possible), due to this, the liquid will rise. The bottle will appear to be full. Plug the hole from the ball with your thumb.
  3. Close the bottle cap tightly without releasing your finger from the hole, otherwise the liquid will drop again. Now hands can be removed from the bottle.
  4. We show the focus: close the hole with your finger, open the lid (the liquid does not fall). When “draining” the liquid with a straw, slightly shift the finger from the hole, opening it a little. The liquid will drop as if it is being drunk.
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