Oct 28, 2021
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Bolsonaro calls Brazil’s mismanagement allegations a clown

Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro commented on accusations of poor government against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, which a parliamentary commission put forward against him, writes Jovem Pan News.

“Anyone who is at least a little guided by common sense understands that it was clowning,” the politician said.

He added that the report of the special commission damages the entire state. The President explained that such statements have created a “terrible image” for Brazil abroad.

“They believe that I restrict freedom of speech, that I killed people in a pandemic,” Bolsonaro explained.

Earlier, the Special Commission of the Brazilian Senate accused Bolsonaro of nine crimes during the pandemic, in particular, he was accused of a “fatal epidemic.”

The parliamentarians believe that the head of state violated the constitutional rights of citizens, and his actions did not correspond to his position. Note that these violations may become the basis for the initiation of the impeachment procedure.

Recall that Jair Bolsonaro, who has had a coronavirus, has repeatedly criticized the quarantine measures adopted in the Brazilian states that restrict trade and services, and said that everyone will someday be infected.

In addition, the politician was fined for violating anti-coronavirus rules, and in May he appealed to the country’s Federal Supreme Court with a request to declare the quarantine unconstitutional. In October this year, demonstrations were held in Brazil demanding the resignation of Bolsonaro.

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