Oct 18, 2020
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Bolivia to hold presidential elections

Bolivia will hold presidential and parliamentary elections on Sunday, October 18.

In October last year, presidential elections were held in the country. Then, by the decision of the Supreme Electoral Court, the current head of state, Evo Morales, was recognized as their winner, but his main rival Carlos Mesa did not recognize the results, which led to protests.

After three weeks of protests, Morales resigned and left the country. The duties of the head of state were temporarily fulfilled by the second vice-speaker of the upper house of parliament, Jeanine Agnes.

As specifies TASS, six candidates will compete for the presidency in the upcoming elections, but the main struggle is expected to unfold between Mesa and the former Minister of Economy and Morales' supporter Luis Arce.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, polling stations in Bolivia will be open an hour longer. In addition, citizens will vote in two shifts, depending on the ID number. It will be possible to be at the polling station only wearing a mask.

We will remind, initially the presidential elections were scheduled for May 3, but due to the pandemic, their moved to autumn.

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