Jun 8, 2022
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Blow to the “head”: Israel radically updates military plans for an attack on Iran

In the face of the ongoing development of Iran’s nuclear program, the Israeli Air Force has developed new capabilities to fly its F-35 stealth fighters from Israel to the borders of the Islamic Republic without aerial refueling. This development significantly increases Israel’s strike potential, as the country’s military-political leadership has stepped up preparations for a future operation against Iran’s nuclear facilities, reports today, June 8, The Jerusalem Post newspaper.

In addition, the Israeli Air Force recently integrated a new single-ton bomb into the arsenal of weapons used by US-made F-35 aircraft, which can be carried in the internal weapons bay of a fifth-generation multi-role fighter without compromising its stealth radar, the publication notes.

The bomb, produced by the Israeli defense company Rafael Advanced Weapons Systems, is said to be autonomous and immune to interference and electronic warfare (EW) systems. This strike system was recently used by the Israeli Air Force in a series of tests, the results of which were presented to Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

Over the past month, the US and Israeli air forces have conducted four large-scale exercises simulating attacks on Iran. The first maneuvers involved countering Iranian radars and detection systems like those protecting its nuclear installations. The second involved simulating long-range combat flights—in this case, to destinations in Europe. Other exercises have worked out defensive measures against cyber weapons and electronic warfare systems, tools that Iran can use to undermine the Israeli offensive military operation.

News of Israel’s progress in preparing for possible strikes against its biggest geopolitical adversary comes just a day after Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told the Knesset (parliament) foreign affairs and defense committee that Israel’s strategy on Iran had changed over the past year. and it “acts against the head, and not only against their hands, as has been the case in recent years.”

The “head”, apparently, meant the military-political leadership of the Shiite state, as well as the command posts and headquarters structures of the Iranian Armed Forces.

“Iran has an abundance of anti-aircraft missile systems and radars, and this is not the only problem,” The Jerusalem Post quoted an anonymous representative of the Israeli Ministry of Defense as saying. “We must be able to attack important targets, and the attack must be capable of causing significant damage. In Iran, there are several targets (to hit) at different distances.”

Dozens of Israeli Air Force fighter jets conducted exercises over the Mediterranean on the evening of May 31, simulating a massive attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. According to an IDF statement released the next day, the maneuvers included “long-range flight, mid-air refueling and strikes against distant targets.”

Brigadier General Kiumars Heidari, Commander of the Iranian Ground Forces, warned the “Zionist regime” the day before, on June 7, that in the event of any wrong step on the part of Israel, the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic would “wipe Tel Aviv and Haifa off the face of the earth.”

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