Jun 8, 2022
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Blooming Ivan Urgant appeared at a charity event


TV presenter Ivan Urgant appeared in public for the first time after a long break, taking part in a corporate event.

These months became very difficult for Ivan Urgant, no matter how many rumors about him appeared after the Evening Urgant show and other entertainment projects of the First were sent on vacation. It was said that he emigrated with his family to Israel, and then started selling his real estate and even wrote about his tour in Germany, which turned out to be fake.

Ivan Urgant was silent for a long time, and when his friends asked him why he would not explain the truth to people, he replied that he did not want to make excuses, they say, this is humiliating. It seemed that the fate of Maxim Galkin awaited him, with whom all advertising and creative projects in Russia were torn apart.

However, Urgant tried, if possible, not to attract attention to himself, and this decision bore fruit. For example, Maxim Galkin, who actively expresses his position, has already lost all advertising contracts in Russia. But Ivan Urgant is still the face of a large bank.

As you know, such contracts bring hundreds of millions of rubles to the star, they are concluded for a long time, and as part of cooperation, the media personality participates in corporate events, promotions and other events of the company.

Ivan Urgant at a charity event
Ivan Urgant at a charity event

As a matter of fact, recently such an event with the participation of Urgant took place – a charitable breakfast of the A-club and the Life Line Foundation. Together with Ivan, Vladimir Pozner was also present.

Ivan immediately broke the secular silence and, according to the contract, fulfilled all the conditions. He himself did not advertise working days on social networks, but the company’s employees shared with pleasure that Ivan Andreevich himself became their guest.
It was thanks to the frames posted on social networks that, in fact, it became known about the first appearance of Ivan Urgant in public.

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