Jan 10, 2021
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Bloomberg Analyst Explains Why You Should Trust Sputnik V Vaccine

Sam Fasely, senior pharmaceutical analyst at Bloomberg, studied publicly available materials related to the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, concluding that it was on par with Western vaccines, Bloomberg reported.

Russia, according to the service, ranks fifth in the list of vaccine manufacturers with the largest number of doses under contracts and preliminary purchases. It is also indicated that “Sputnik V” showed an efficiency of over 90%.

Fasely noted that Sputnik V has an important difference from other Western vaccines. The second dose uses a different type (adenovirus-5). This eliminates the possibility of developing immunity to the first dose, which will affect the ability of the second dose to act effectively.

Fazeli believes the Russian Sputnik V vaccine could be as strong a candidate as vaccines developed in the West. The expert writes that if he had the opportunity to choose, he would bet on Sputnik V.

Earlier, an American journalist positively assessed the Sputnik V vaccination. According to Kramer, he was convinced of the safety of the vaccine, which after completion of the tests showed “good results” and high efficacy. After the injection of the drug, the doctors asked him to spend half an hour in the corridor of the clinic in case of anaphylactic shock, “which, fortunately, never came.”

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