Sep 16, 2022
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Bloodthirsty Burbock sends NATO into a tank attack

Pictured: German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock

Pictured: German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock (Photo: DPA/Pcture-alliance)

In Germany, they decided to speed up the decision to transfer NATO-style tanks to Ukraine – i.e. all these “Leopards”, “Abrams”, “Leclercs”, on the supply of which the Kyiv regime has long been trying to negotiate with the West. The head of the German Foreign Ministry called on the German government and allies in the alliance to hurry up with the provision of additional military assistance to Ukraine and, finally, to send modern tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine Annalena Burbock.

In her opinion, according to Die Zeit, this should be done “only together, in a coalition and at the international level.” But “the decision should not be chipped off for long,” since Ukraine is now, in her words, “in a transitional moment of the military campaign.”

As you know, Germany for a long time refused to supply Kyiv with heavy weapons, including tanks.

The same Burbock, who visited the Ukrainian capital on September 10, to the question of the head of the Ukrainian diplomatic department Kulebywhen Berlin shares its Leopards with Kyiv, she evaded the answer. She said at the time that “we will be discussing further support with partners as the situation on the ground changes.”

Previously, Burbock generally called German tanks the worst in Europe. And she explained: they say that Germany is armed with 50-year-old equipment, because the country’s authorities counted on a peaceful life in Europe and spent little on defense. And for the same reason, Berlin cannot supply enough weapons to Kyiv.

True, at the same time, in July, literally in the wake of these revelations, the German leadership changed its position and began to send heavy weapons to Ukraine.

So, according to the latest report of the Bundestag, only in the last week Germany handed over four Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to the Independent, bringing their total number to 24. Six more are being prepared for shipment. In addition, it provided 65 refrigerators for medical supplies, in addition to the two previously transferred. In the summer, Ukraine also received three M270 MARS multiple rocket launchers, ten PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers and 10,500 shells from Berlin.

In general, to date, Germany’s military assistance to the Kyiv regime has amounted to 1.2 billion dollars in price terms. But German battle tanks, in fact, have not yet entered service with Ukraine.

On this issue in the government coalition of the country are still disputes. The “greens”, “free democrats” and a number of politicians from the SPD insist on this step. And here is the chancellor Olaf Scholz and Minister of Defense Christina Lambrecht they refrain from making a final decision and try to avoid specific statements in this regard.

However, apparently, both are stopped only by the fact that, as the head of the German Ministry of Defense put it, “no other country has yet delivered Western-style main battle tanks to Ukraine.” But this “limiter” is likely to be removed soon.

The Pentagon, as recently reported by the German media, is considering the possibility of supplying NATO tanks to Kyiv. And he has already involved the administration of the White House and the European allies in the negotiations. So, Leopards, Abrams, and Leclercs can still go to Ukraine …

Hero of Russia, retired major general Sergey Lipovoy no doubt about it:

— The Pentagon decided a long time ago to provide Kyiv with additional types of weapons, more modern and more powerful. So the appearance of NATO tanks in the Ukrainian theater of operations is only a matter of time.

Now individual NATO countries are resisting and do not want to reduce their combat readiness, supplying Ukraine with armored vehicles from their stocks. Germany, too, until recently rejected such requests, citing a shortage of its own weapons. But Washington, of course, will put pressure, therefore, sooner or later, Western tanks will be in Ukraine – this is a fact.

Will they affect the balance of power? I don’t think.

The fact is that the tank itself is a pile of iron. It all depends on who controls this tank, how skillfully trained the crews are, how they master all types of weapons that this tank is equipped with. And it takes time to train a sufficient number of such crews, which Kyiv does not have.

Therefore, most likely, either NATO tanks will come with their crews. Or they will put hastily trained Ukrainian tankers in them – simply put, they will throw them again like cannon fodder on the battlefield.

Military expert, columnist for the Russia Today media group Alexander Khrolenkoin turn, he believes that it is premature to talk about the supply of modern German tanks to Ukraine:

“It is not the Minister of Foreign Affairs who makes such decisions. And those who are involved in decision-making – the chancellor, the president, the minister of defense, they are less resolute about sending “Leopards” to Ukraine.

Yes, information periodically appears – allegedly a German tank appeared there, then there. But the reality is that today the sending of at least one German tank to Ukraine is not confirmed. Moreover, even the decision to send new armored personnel carriers has not been implemented either. Several old vehicles were sent, which, in my opinion, have already been successfully demilitarized there. There is no talk of new armored personnel carriers.

Lobbyists and interested circles of the military-industrial complex are in every possible way promoting this version of theirs that they need to help more actively. But given the recent statement by our ambassador in Berlin Sergei Nechaev about the fact that Germany crossed the red line by supplying weapons to Ukraine, it seems to me that the likelihood of these tanks appearing is extremely low. As well as the likelihood of new infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).

It cannot be ruled out completely. But in the existing reality, in the existing coordinate system, such a probability is extremely low.

“SP”: – But the reality is changing rapidly. At first, Germany generally refused to supply Ukraine with heavy equipment, and then changed its mind…

So I’m giving an assessment at the moment. What will happen tomorrow, we do not know.

What measures will Russia take for its part in order to stop a certain concentration of forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, in Zaporozhye and in the Nikolaev direction. A lot will also depend on the development of the situation in these areas with supplies.

“SP”: – But the US and NATO are playing long. And the Pentagon is already processing allies for possible deliveries of tanks to Ukraine.

We are talking about the long term again. About intention, about some plans. But so far there is nothing of this, and, in my opinion, it is premature to discuss it.

And, again, if these decisions are made, we note that they will not be made by the Pentagon, but at the level of Congress or administration.

And then, you see what a trend. The United States seeks to do something by proxy. That is, they want to make decisions, but for the equipment to be supplied by European countries that are in no hurry to completely brazenly cross these red lines. Because everyone understands that it will not be possible to endlessly raise rates and endlessly walk the steps of escalation. Therefore, they are trying to do as the US administration wishes, but so that they themselves will not get anything for it later.

From here we see, on the one hand, support for the course of the United States, on the other, in Europe they are very afraid to implement these decisions. And frankly speaking, we see some kind of sabotage.

What has been delivered to the Ukrainian army so far, to be honest, is not impressive. Well, except perhaps, in addition to these “Haymars”, and even those delivered in the amount of a little more than a dozen.

“SP”: – And these tanks will become a serious problem for us, if we hypothetically imagine that they will be delivered to Kyiv?

– Even if we admit it, then, for sure, these will not be the latest modifications, but, let’s say, previous generations of tanks, which are inferior to modern Russian counterparts. They do not have all the protection systems that are now accepted in modern tanks. Therefore, they will simply become a target for our helicopters, primarily for the Ka-52. Or our artillery.

That is, even if NATO tanks are delivered to Ukraine, it will not be mass and not the latest weapons.

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