Jan 6, 2022
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Bloodbath in Alma-Ata: Nazarbayev’s Russophobic policy ended in massacre

In the photo: police officers and protesters against the rise in prices for liquefied gas in Almaty

In the photo: police officers and protesters against the rise in prices for liquefied gas in Almaty (Photo: AP Photo / Vladimir Tretyakov / TASS)

Dozens of people have been killed by security officials in Alma-Ata in recent hours while attempting to seize administrative buildings and police departments. This was reported by an official representative of the city police department. Saltanat Avirbek in a commentary to local television. She added that an anti-terrorist operation is still being carried out in some buildings. Local residents were urged not to leave their homes temporarily and to go around these areas in their cars.

The exact number of casualties and casualties is still controversial, but local TV reported that 12 law enforcement officers were killed and 353 were injured in the unrest.

Historian Alexander Kolpakidi I am convinced that the reason for the unrest was the policy of “liberalism with Kazakh specifics”.

– Ordinary citizens, observing the luxurious life of the ruling stratum, rebelled and took to the streets. I think they are motivated by a desire to live like human beings, they do not want to be kept for livestock. As a matter of fact, the situation is typical for post-Soviet states. When there is a selection of personnel for leadership positions on the basis of the family principle, the government uses openly criminal methods to suppress opponents.

“SP”: – Many experts say that these performances were inspired from abroad.

– You know, I think the role of the followers of the notorious Gina Sharp and various NGOs there are greatly exaggerated. Of course, the masses of protesters have shown amazing self-organization. If they had, say, a single coordinating and organizing center, then where would the KNB and other special services look. Why did a protest of such strength jump out of a snuffbox like the devil?

If we take into account the intensity and scope of the protest, then they are explained by the fact that the young people of Kazakhstan were greatly annoyed by the current government and the demographic situation: there are many young people there. She is capable of violent and radical protest actions. Let’s say that in our country there are not so many young people and therefore the protest is of a different nature.

In the opinion former People’s Deputy of the USSR and the State Duma of the Russian Federation Viktor Alksnis (during the period of his work in the State Duma, his constituency included Kazakhstani regions), it is rather difficult to talk about the presence of purposeful leadership of the unrest:

– If there was a serious organization, we would hardly have seen such frequent cases of looting and robberies. Most often, organizers seek to suppress such phenomena, or minimize them, so as not to create a negative image for themselves in the eyes of the bulk of the population. We have not seen anything like this here, so the element of spontaneity is quite significant.

“SP”: – But who, in your opinion, was the inspirer of the riots?

– I think, first of all, Nursultan Nazarbayev himself.

“SP”: – Are you kidding ?! His statue was demolished in Taldykorgan, he lost his post as head of the Security Council …

“I’m not kidding. It was his policy since the early 1990s, aimed at squeezing Russians out of Kazakhstan and replacing them with Kazakhs, that led to this result. At the beginning of 2021, there were less than 3.5 million Russians in the republic – 18.42 percent of the population, while according to the 1989 census there were more than 6.2 million people. The rest were forced to leave.

We can say that for a long time Nursultan Abishevich, who for a long time was considered a friend of Russia and a supporter of strengthening ties with our country, carried out a mild ethnic cleansing. This was, perhaps, the most massive expulsion of Russians from the territory of any of the former Soviet republics.

It is now clear that the place of educated citizens who possessed knowledge, experience and skills was replaced by young people, often from rural areas, often illiterate.

“SP”: – Also brought up, frankly, in a spirit unfriendly to Russia …

– We can say more – in an obviously Russophobic spirit, and, moreover, quite aggressive. The authorities apparently hoped to keep the masses of these young people under control. However, at one “perfect” moment they did not cope with it, the youth got out of control. I went to the protest actions and, as they say, “walked” there – as best I could. Demonstrated what she is capable of.

“SP”: – Now the Kazakh authorities are faced with the task of ending the riots. It is already known about the decision to send CSTO troops into the country, in which Russian units play the main role.

– It is, of course, a positive moment that we are helping to end the violence. But I’m worried about what will happen next. Will not everything return to square one later and will the former Russophobic policy of the Kazakh leadership resume? Will they not write in twenty years in Kazakh textbooks how a Russian soldier with his boot crushed the “striving for freedom” among the “fighting Kazakhs”? This is quite possible.

Russia, along with military assistance, responding to the pleas of the leadership of Kazakhstan to restore order, must then use “soft power” to influence the policy of local authorities.

We must influence the power of the republic in terms of ending the confrontation between the zhuzes (which played a role in these unrest), we must insist on giving the Russian language the status of a second state language and ensuring the rights of the Russian and Russian-speaking population.

Look at the ethnic composition of power in Kazakhstan, its power structures and political associations – there are almost no Russians there. This is a flagrant violation of rights! We go to the rescue and have the right to put forward these demands.

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