May 2, 2022
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Blood type and alcoholism: how are they related?

Blood type and alcoholism: how are they related?

It is no secret that the blood type determines many important genetic characteristics of a person. The first thoughts that the diet and lifestyle of a person should be adjusted depending on the characteristics of his blood were expressed and scientifically substantiated by William Harvey back in the first half of the 17th century. Today, these facts have been confirmed, and scientists recommend categorically refusing certain products, in particular alcohol, if you are the owner of one or another blood type.

Blood type and alcoholism

As shown by DNA studies, the gene that determines the status of the secretor (blood type) is located in the same part of the helix as the gene suspected of hereditary addiction to alcoholism. Thus, the American psychologist R. M. Morse cites data for the United States and Japan, which may well be extrapolated to Europe and the rest of the world. According to them, almost half of all patients registered or undergoing treatment for alcoholism are the owners of the 2nd blood group (A – according to the international classification).

The exact reasons for this relationship have not yet been established, but scientists believe that it is caused by the peculiarities of the work of the adrenal glands, which is why there is a lack of glucose in the blood, which a person subconsciously compensates for with alcohol. In addition, the mechanism of stress formation also affects, which in people with the 2nd blood group is relatively easily removed with alcohol. That is, they begin to drink to relax and eventually get used to such a behavioral model.

Thus, the regular intake of alcohol for the owners of the 2nd blood group is fraught with the risk of a gradual slide into alcoholism. The problem is aggravated by the fact that, due to the nature of health, it is people with this blood type who are recommended to regularly take (in moderate doses) red wine – to dissolve cholesterol plaques and normalize the digestive tract.

Blood group and health

Blood type determines not only psychological dependence, but also the health of the body. Therefore, experts recommend that people with the 3rd blood group completely stop drinking alcohol. Although the owners of this group are not prone to alcohol addiction, and alcohol itself (non-carbonated and not stronger than 20 degrees) does not harm their body for a long time (it is a neutral product), these are temporary phenomena. Among patients with alcoholic forms of heart and liver diseases, most of all have this particular blood type.

Alcohol will not bring anything good to people with the 1st blood group, despite the fact that they have a strong psychological resistance to its effects. Due to high acidity and frequent problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, representatives of this group can relatively safely (and in moderation) consume only high-quality red and white wine or beer.

The most tolerant to alcohol (both psychologically and physically) are representatives with the 4th blood group. But this does not mean at all that they can fearlessly hit all the hard ones – everyone, unfortunately, has the same health.

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