Sep 7, 2022
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Blonde in law. Liz Truss confuses the seas, but rules Britain

Pictured: British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

Pictured: British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (Photo: AP/TASS)

Blondes all over the world are burning with shame. New British Prime Minister Liz Truss — a living confirmation of jokes about supposedly stupid blondes — will now compromise beautiful blonde women at the highest level. And there’s nothing you can do about it. She is supposed to give speeches. And as she opens her mouth, the ears of those present curl up into a tube. It’s just amazing how easily she said that she was ready to arrange a nuclear Armageddon on occasion!

And her blunders regarding Russia amused us pretty much. Let’s recall the most furious statements on the “Russian” topic. During negotiations with the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov Truss said that Britain does not recognize Russian sovereignty over the Voronezh and Ryazan regions. She believed that this was the territory of Ukraine. She also promised that Britain would supply aid to allies in the Baltic countries through the Black Sea, confusing it with the Baltic. Well, she said that Ukraine has experienced many invasions: from the Mongols to the Tatars.

It was she who excelled at the post – just a minute! – Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Her visit to Moscow in February 2022 was simply scandalous. At a joint press conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the talks with Truss were like “a conversation between a dumb and a deaf person.”

Well, after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the rhetoric of Truss became even more militant. Foaming at the mouth, Madame Minister opposed the new Minsk agreements, advocated the imposition of ever tougher sanctions and demanded the confiscation of Russian assets, citing the Canadian experience. “I support this idea. In Canada, a corresponding law has been passed. We are working on this together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Finance. It is only necessary to study the specifics of this issue well,” Truss said and explained that the implementation of such an initiative requires the creation of a special legislative framework. She even prophesied, nothing less than “degradation of the Russian economy”, which, in her opinion, will be the result of sanctions.

She also promised that, sitting in the chair of the prime minister, she would achieve the defeat of Russia in Ukraine and rally the G7 countries against China.

But maybe things aren’t as busy as they seem? After all, politicians are willing to make promises right and left for the sake of a coveted position. Trass, after all, also changed her beliefs more than once. She started out as an inveterate “leftist”, even demanded the legalization of marijuana, and now she carefully pretends to be the second Thatcher. In her 12 years in Parliament, Liz Truss has held six ministerial positions, having served three prime ministers. She received the portfolio of Minister of the Environment, Food and Agriculture in the first and second cabinets David Cameronwas Minister of Justice and the first ever female Lord Chancellor in the first cabinet Theresa Mayand in Boris Johnson became Minister of Foreign Trade, and then Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The mismatch of words with deeds is a common thing for politicians in any region of the world. Not only in Europe, the political scientist reminds Vadim Trukhachev. But Truss, in his opinion, will be consistent.

“Trass is ignorant, and therefore unpredictable. Which means it’s dangerous. Another thing is that it cannot single-handedly make a decision, for example, on a nuclear strike against Russia. And without the approval of the United States, Britain will not strike such a blow. As for the rest, Truss will build his line on the maximum opposition to Russia. Even at the cost of the standard of living of the British and the growth of separatism in Scotland and Ulster.

Political scientist and economist Mikhail DelyaginDeputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy believes that Truss will continue anti-Russian escapades in the same spirit as in the position of Foreign Minister.

– In the case of Truss, words will not diverge from deeds. It will indeed begin to pursue the most rigid anti-Russian policy. In fact, it was precisely for this that she was brought to power. Truss took the prime minister’s chair, although her rating was three times lower than that of the outgoing Johnson. Here, of course, there are different data, according to some studies, the rating was only two or two and a half times lower. But it is obvious that her popularity is even lower than that of the departed prime minister with his 18%. It must be understood that this was not an election, but an appointment. Such is the internal specificity of the party.

“SP”: – Why put an obviously unpopular politician in a high post?

– The low intellectual level and increased emotionality of Truss just contributed to this appointment. They are the main factors due to which she was put in this position. She is guaranteed to try to harm Russia, without taking into account the interests of the British,” Mikhail Delyagin said.

In Russia, many things are forgiven to beautiful women, even coup d’état (we are talking about Catherine the Great, if that). But Truss as prime minister caused obvious irritation.

Social media users remind her not only of ignorant and aggressive remarks about Russia, but also of adultery, which she once got caught:

“The worse the British prime minister, the better.”

“She can definitely be compared with Thatcher? She was said to be smart.”

“A walking ignoramus, ready to sell his mother and father for the sake of a red word. Putin only needs to praise the bow on her dress, as Thatcher did with Raisa Gorbacheva“.

But the main thing that is alarming about Truss is her desire to be like the Iron Lady. Thatcher, I remember, pursued a very tough policy, including internal. She dealt with the dissatisfied, as they say, with one left, not taking into account the long-term consequences of her decisions, such as the explosive growth of unemployment and the decline of entire regions. And in the foreign arena, its goal was to restore the leading role of Great Britain in world politics. And this goal was achieved, including the competently built relations, first with the USSR, and then with Russia. But Thatcher was responsible for her words and actions. But where Britain will drive under the leadership of the crazy Liz is a big question.

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