Jan 30, 2021
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Blogger Manukyan confused with ex-lover Buzova

Olga Buzova’s farewell to David Manukyan involuntarily affected the life of blogger Vadim Manukyan.

Blogger Manukyan confused with ex-lover Buzova

Dava’s namesake told “Interlocutor” that over the course of the total time, journalists often confuse him with Uncle Buzova. And even after their parting, journalists appeal to him with a plea to make peace with Olga. Meanwhile, Vadim Manukyan does not know Buzova at all.

Vadim Manukyan is an expert of the Commission on Mass Media of the Collective Chamber of the Russian Federation.

“Of course, it’s funny for me to read from time to time erroneous headlines in the media that I have something to do with Buzova. However, with the departure of Dava from her life, of course, everything will end. I hope that the newly-made betrothed Olga will not have a surname Manukyan! ”Vadim Manukyan said.

Vadim also believes that Buzova is very trusting.

“I want to close the question of whether I wanted to become a Buzova man or not, alone and forever. First, I am married. And secondly, Buzova is absolutely not my type. I treat her very warmly. However, she has enough friends even without me, ”added Vadim Manukyan.

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